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● What you eat

You get three meals and one snack daily, with a serv­ing of su­per pro­teins, su­per fats and su­per carbs at each sit­ting. Foods that earn “su­per” sta­tus are nu­tri­ent-packed and min­i­mally pro­cessed. Dur­ing the day, go for small servings of starchy carbs, shift­ing the ma­jor­ity of your starch to evening. Free­bies in­clude herbs, spices, non­starchy veg­gies, cof­fee and all va­ri­eties of tea. You’re en­cour­aged to add lots of them. You’re also re­quired to en­joy a cheat meal each week.

● Why the foods work magic

Re­search shows our bod­ies work a lot harder to break down un­pro­cessed foods, burn­ing about 70 ex­tra calories just to digest a healthy sand­wich ver­sus a pro­cessed one. Switch to un­pro­cessed su­per me­tab­o­lism foods at most meals, and you can eas­ily burn an ex­tra 300 calories a day, notes Zinczenko.

Also key: Su­per pro­tein is rich in an amino acid called leucine, which, per Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois find­ings, helps stim­u­late thy­roid func­tion, boost­ing calo­rie burn. Mean­while, the large amount of fiber sup­plied by su­per carbs is like Mir­a­cle-gro for spe­cial bac­te­ria in our di­ges­tive tracts— a healthy type of bac­te­ria that helps us break down food and is strongly linked to faster fat-burn­ing, notes Zinczenko. And let’s not for­get su­per fats. All healthy fats help shift our hor­monal bal­ance in fa­vor of faster fat-burn­ing— and stud­ies show that mo­noun­sat­u­rated fats in par­tic­u­lar are “flammable” and help ig­nite me­tab­o­lism when we’re ac­tive!

● Boost the burn even more

The way you com­bine healthy in­gre­di­ents is a big fac­tor, too. Af­ter a head-to-head com­par­i­son of dif­fer­ent di­ets, Har­vard ex­perts de­clared a moder­ate-carb, Su­per Me­tab­o­lism-style plan the win­ner. Why? Be­cause its nu­tri­ents gen­er­ated a nice meta­bolic boost (an ex­tra 200 calories a day over a low-fat diet) with­out spik­ing stress hor­mones (a me­tab­o­lism-damp­en­ing ef­fect of low-carb di­ets).

Shift­ing carbs to evening en­hances the ef­fect even more, notes Zinczenko. The sim­ple trick trig­gers hor­monal changes that amp calo­rie-burn­ing and—per a study in the jour­nal Obe­sity— help us lose 28% more fat.

And did we men­tion the manda­tory cheat meal? Thank Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity re­searchers, who found that splurg­ing keeps our bod­ies out of “star­va­tion mode” and in­creases me­tab­o­lism by about 300 calories a day.

● Real-world wow!

Both Karen Lewis’s weight loss and en­ergy were slug­gish—un­til she agreed to test the Su­per Me­tab­o­lism menus, be­low. Within days, the North Carolina mom, 33, was chas­ing her kids around with new vigor and had al­ready shed 9.3 pounds. “On Weight Watch­ers, it took me months to lose this much. This re­ally worked so well for me!” Colorado mom Joy Be­cerra, 59, agrees. “It was very easy, and the meals were very fill­ing,” says Joy, who sped off a whop­ping 15.1 pounds and 16 inches in seven days. Un­like the many di­ets that had failed Joy in the past, this one de­liv­ered “huge suc­cess in such a short time!”

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