4 Sur­prise me­tab­o­lism boost­ers

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1 Spik­ing cof­fee with cin­na­mon

The caf­feine in a cup of joe is proven to stim­u­late me­tab­o­lism up to 10%—and cin­na­mon sends it higher. How? A new study hints the spice prompts our cells to make ex­tra en­zymes that raise me­tab­o­lism.

2 Skip­ping zero- cal sweet­ener

New re­search from Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton Uni­ver­sity sug­gests that su­gar substitutes may hin­der me­tab­o­lism, lead­ing to quicker fat pro­duc­tion.

3 Choos­ing Mex­i­can sides

Corn and beans are both great sources of re­sis­tant starch —fiber-like strands that fer­ment in our bod­ies, re­leas­ing chem­i­cals proven to speed fat burn­ing by 20%-25% all day long!

4 Col­laps­ing into bed

Stud­ies rou­tinely show that sleep-de­prived folks weigh more. One big rea­son: Skimp­ing on sleep causes lev­els of hunger hor­mones to rise 15% as lev­els of me­tab­o­lism-revving hor­mones fall 16%.

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