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If a good night’s sleep seems harder to get lately, take 100 mg. of mag­ne­sium daily, slowly work­ing up to 300 mg. Within 14 days, your Zzzs should be vastly im­proved! ✤ It works! As we age, changes in brain wave pat­terns make it harder to fall asleep and reach the deeper stages of sleep. Mag­ne­sium re­stores those younger, more ef­fec­tive brain wave pat­terns, mak­ing it easy for you to nod off faster and wake up feel­ing re­freshed, re­ports the jour­nal Phar­maco-psy­chi­a­try. Nix pain with resver­a­trol! Is pain dis­turb­ing your sleep? Blame a nor­mal de­cline in estrogen for in­creas­ing pain sen­si­tiv­ity in joints and mus­cles by re­duc­ing blood flow. The plant com­pound resver­a­trol has an estrogen-like ef­fect in the body that’ll quell that pain within 14 weeks if you take 75 mg. twice a day.

Im­por­tant: To avoid in­ter­ac­tions, talk to your doc­tor be­fore tak­ing any new sup­ple­ment or stop­ping any med­i­ca­tion you’re cur­rently tak­ing.

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