M.D.S re­veal the best cures for hair loss!

If your part is ex­pand­ing or the thick­ness of your pony­tail is shrink­ing, you’re not alone: Some 65% of us will have ex­pe­ri­enced some sig­nif­i­cant de­gree of hair loss by the time we reach 60! Is there any way to stop—or re­verse it? Yes, say our med­i­cal exp

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Halt hair loss at home! Get the gold stan­dard!

It’s still mi­nox­i­dil, bet­ter known by the brand name Ro­gaine. “Think of mi­nox­i­dil as an anti-ag­ing cream for your scalp,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Melissa Pil­iang, M.D. “Just as you ap­ply anti-wrin­kle cream to your skin at night, ev­ery night con­sis­tently ap­ply 5% mi­nox­i­dil foam, which is gen­tler than the liq­uid for­mu­la­tions that can cause itch­ing.” The key word: con­sis­tently! “My pa­tients of­ten say, ‘ I tried it for a month and noth­ing hap­pened, so I stopped,’ ” says hair loss spe­cial­ist Marc Avram, M.D. “Most peo­ple see re­sults af­ter six to nine months of us­ing mi­nox­i­dil, so don’t give up.” One op­tion: Women’s Ro­gaine Un­scented Foam, $21.55, Wal­mart.com.

Sham­poo more, not less!

One mis­take Dr. Pil­iang says her pa­tients of­ten make? “A lot of them cut back on how of­ten they sham­poo be­cause they think it’ll make shed­ding worse. No so! “It’s so im­por­tant to sham­poo reg­u­larly to ward off dandruff, which can clog


fol­li­cles, ex­ac­er­bat­ing hair loss,” she says. It also re­moves DHT, a hor­mone that blocks hair re­growth. Choose a sham­poo that con­tains zinc pyrithione and/or ke­to­cona­zole, such as Ni­zo­ral A-D Anti Dandruff Sham­poo, $ 8, Ama­zon.com.

Nour­ish your hair and scalp! Get your iron checked! Get a one-two growth punch!

Two more es­sen­tial hair-growth nu­tri­ents? Vi­ta­min D and zinc, says Dr. Pil­iang. Vi­ta­min D helps re­set the hair cy­cle from shed­ding to the growth phase. “And zinc keeps hair fol­li­cles healthy.” A daily mul­ti­vi­ta­min should sat­isfy your zinc needs, and, with your M. D.’s okay, take 600 IU of vi­ta­min D daily. One op­tion: Sol­gar Vi­ta­min D-3 600 IU, $11.39 at Vi­ta­min Shoppe.com.

Cue the pro­tein!

“If hair were an an­i­mal, it would be a lion, not a lamb,” says Michael Lorin Reed, M.D. In other words, your hair craves red meat! “Pro­tein is es­sen­tial for healthy hair, and red meat, in par­tic­u­lar, con­tains el­e­ments that en­cour­age growth such as iron, man­ganese and mag­ne­sium.” Veg­e­tar­ian? Pro­tein-rich picks in­clude egg whites, Greek yo­gurt, al­monds and whey pro­tein pow­der.

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