You don’t have to give up bread!

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of go­ing gluten free? Be­cause this pro­tein found in grains is linked to bloat­ing, burp­ing and other tummy up­sets, lots of folks are now avoid­ing bread and pasta. But un­less you have celiac dis­ease (a se­vere gluten al­lergy), Har­vard pros say you’ll be just as healthy— and re­duce your risk of Type 2 di­a­betes and heart dis­ease—if you in­clude gluten in your diet. To get gluten’s ben­e­fits with­out its side ef­fects: ● Rev di­ges­tion with enzymes Your abil­ity to pro­duce di­ges­tive enzymes dwin­dles af­ter age 50, which can make gluten harder to process, even if you never had trou­ble with it be­fore. For­tu­nately, the fix is easy: Take a di­ges­tive en­zyme cap­sule with your two big­gest meals of the day. Re­searchers say sup­ple­ment­ing with enzymes nixes bloat­ing, gassi­ness and in­di­ges­tion for most women, no diet changes re­quired! One op­tion: Twin­lab Super En­zyme Caps ($33 for 200 cap­sules; Vi­ta­min­ ● KO trou­ble with whole grains You’re half as likely to de­velop di­ges­tive woes from gluten if you reach for the health­i­est foods that con­tain it—100% whole­grain breads, bar­ley and bul­gur, say Yale re­searchers. Min­er­als in these hearty grains help you digest gluten with less dis­tress. ● Pair cook­ies with fruit A lot of us blame gluten for mak­ing us feel bloated af­ter eat­ing cook­ies and other carb-rich foods. But re­search in the jour­nal Di­ges­tion sug­gests that 86% of us are likely re­act­ing to other cul­prits, mainly the su­gars and lower-qual­ity fats in many com­mer­cially pre­pared foods. The great news: Sim­ply adding one cup of fruit to any meal con­tain­ing pro­cessed foods can cut your risk of a belly­ache as much as 50%. Fruit con­tains com­pounds called polyphe­nols that coat and soothe the di­ges­tive tract. ● Fight in­flam­ma­tion with fats The more fish and seafood in your diet, the lower your risk of belly back­lash, even if you’re en­joy­ing gluten-rich grains, re­ports BMC Gas­troen­terol­ogy. The omega-3 fats in fish re­duce pain-trig­ger­ing in­flam­ma­tion in your di­ges­tive tract. The proven dose: 12 oz. of those foods weekly or 2,000 IU of fish oil daily.

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