Have Fun with Kids!

Just a few twists of che­nille stems, and the kids can make these ooh-la-la adorable poo­dles!

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1 Your child folds one che­nille stem 1 1/2" from one end and twists it onto it­self for one back leg, folds an­other 1 1/2" and twists again for sec­ond leg. She folds 1 3/4" down for body, re­main­der up for neck. She re­peats with an­other stem for front legs, twists onto body where body and neck join. 2 Your child cuts white stem 1 1/2" for ears, folds in half, then folds ends to cen­ter. She folds end of first stem up 1" (neck) then out 1" (head), at­taches ears at fold. She twists re­main­ing por­tion of front leg stem around the body to the back, leav­ing a 1 1/4" tail. 3 Your child bends ends of legs for­ward to form paws, twists 6" of white stem around each an­kle. She glues 1" pom­pom to head, 1/2" pom­pom to tail. She twists the third col­ored stem around the head, down the neck and onto the body, re­peats on the body with the fourth stem to give the poo­dle its shape. Help her glue on eyes, dot pupils with marker and add 3/16” pom­pom nose.

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