My Guardian An­gel

When Woman’s World reader Glen Parker and his wife, Sharon, of Co­mox, Bri­tish Columbia, needed help be­hind the wheel, an an­gel stepped in! He writes:

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"His crooked smile and charm­ing man­ner put us at ease,"Glen mar­vels

Not long ago, my wife, Sharon, and I pur­chased a 31-foot camper, with plans of do­ing some sight­see­ing in the United States.

The camper was big enough for us to travel in com­fort, but I had never towed any­thing this large be­fore and soon re­al­ized that I had a lot to learn about nav­i­gat­ing a ve­hi­cle this size.

On our very first trip, we spied a mall that ap­peared to be very near the high­way and de­cided to do some shop­ping.

We ex­ited the high­way and eas­ily found the mall. But too late, I re­al­ized that I’d driven into the wrong en­trance.

The drive­way dead-ended abruptly with large con­crete bar­ri­ers.

Now what were we sup­posed to do? I was some­what anx­ious about back­ing up and per­haps putting a dent in our brand-new camper. And there was very lit­tle room to turn around.

For a few min­utes, Sharon and I sat look­ing at each other, won­der­ing how we were ever go­ing to get out of the mess we were in.

Both my wife and I are avid fans of the “My Guardian An­gel” col­umn in Woman’s World, and we im­me­di­ately came to the con­clu­sion that the help of an an­gel would be most wel­come.

Amaz­ingly, no sooner than our words were spo­ken, a truck sud­denly ap­peared along­side us.

Where had it come from? Hon­estly, it was as though the truck had ma­te­ri­al­ized out of thin air.

“Hav­ing some trou­ble?” the driver asked with a lit­tle crooked grin.

We nod­ded our heads in uni­son.

“I think I can help you,” he said. Af­ter sur­vey­ing our situa

tion, he got be­hind “His crooked smile and the wheel of our truck,

and in no time, he charm­ing man­ner put us

had our trailer turned at ease,” Glen mar­vels around and pointed

in the right di­rec­tion. It would be an un­der­state­ment to say that we were as­tounded, and to this day we do not know ex­actly how he did it. But we were very thank­ful for his help.

Who was that man and where did he come from? we asked our­selves a lit­tle later when we were safely parked at the mall. It was amaz­ing how he sud­denly showed up at just the right time. We had to agree that he was in­deed our guardian an­gel.

Now, when­ever Sharon and I travel we al­ways ask for an­gels to sur­round and pro­tect us. But we still talk about the an­gel with a crooked grin who helped us get out of the mess we were in and are eter­nally grate­ful.

“No sit­u­a­tion is im­pos­si­ble for the an­gels!” says Doreen Virtue, PH.D. “Glen’s story shows that the an­gels are watch­ing over us wher­ever we are!

“I’ve no­ticed that when peo­ple get help with their ve­hi­cle, they al­ways say that the an­gel looks a bit odd. So the truck driver’s crooked smile fits with the pat­tern.

“Res­cu­ing an­gels also ap­pear from out of nowhere, know just what to do— of­ten pro­vid­ing ex­traor­di­nary as­sis­tance—then dis­ap­pear be­fore you can say thank you.

“I’m so glad an an­gel came to help Glen and Sharon.”

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