5 Feel sun­nier with saf­fron!

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Tend to­ward the blues? Take 30 mg. of saf­fron ex­tract (such as Swan­son Su­pe­rior Herbs Saf­fron Ex­tract, $14.18, Swan­son Vi­ta­mins.com) two to three times daily, and in six to eight weeks, you should en­joy a hap­pi­ness lift that ri­vals the ef­fects of Prozac! ✤ It works! Phy­tonu­tri­ents in the golden spice up­lift mood the same way that an­tide­pres­sants do, by reg­u­lat­ing sero­tonin and other “happy” brain hor­mones! It eases anx­i­ety, too! Can’t turn off worry? That same dose of saf­fron ushers in calm by up­ping GABA, a neu­ro­trans­mit­ter that qui­ets over­ac­tive ar­eas of the brain that trig­ger anx­i­ety.

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