3 Halt heart­burn with lettuce!

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Want last­ing heart­burn re­lief with­out pricey medicines and their un­wanted side ef­fects? Eat less meat and dairy and more veg­eta­bles, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds— and drink at least one cup of al­ka­line wa­ter (add a pinch of bak­ing soda to each 8-oz. glass) daily, say sci­en­tists in the jour­nal JAMA Oto­laryn­gol­ogy-head and Neck Surgery.

✤ It works! Amino acids in an­i­mal-based foods in­crease the re­lease of the stom­ach en­zyme pepsin, which is be­hind most heart­burn dis­com­fort. Eat­ing fewer of those foods re­duces pepsin, while the al­ka­line wa­ter neu­tral­izes any pepsin that’s left over, ex­plains study leader Craig Zal­van, M.D. KO in­di­ges­tion with bac­te­ria! If cramp­ing, bloat­ing or other dis­com­fort af­ter eat­ing is putting a crimp in your style, tak­ing Lac­to­bacil­lus gasseri and Bi­fi­dobac­terium bi­fidum, will fix it! These “good” bac­te­ria crowd out the “bad” ones be­hind those symp­toms! Try: Ky­olic Kyo-dophilus Di­ges­tion and Im­mune, $9.69, Vi­ta­cost.com.

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