Four-year- old Austin is a su­per­hero to the home­less in his com­mu­nity!

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“Shower the peo­ple you love with love…things are go­ing to work out fine if you only will” —James Tay­lor

After dis­cov­er­ing there are peo­ple in the world who don’t have homes, four-year-old Austin Per­ine be­came de­ter­mined to bring those men and women food, hope and most im­por­tant, the mes­sage em­bla­zoned on his shirt: “Show Love!”

Wow!” Austin Per­ine mar­veled as he and his fa­ther, TJ, watched a na­ture show about pan­das. The Birm­ing­ham, Alabama, four-year-old couldn’t tear his eyes from the screen…un­til the mama bear de­cided it was time to leave her cubs to fend for them­selves. “What will hap­pen to them, Dad?” Austin gasped.

“For a while they’ll be home­less,” TJ ex­plained. “But then they’ll make new homes.”

“What does home­less mean?” Austin asked cu­ri­ously.

Can we buy them some food? I’ll use my money!

“It’s when you don’t have a place to live,” TJ ex­plained.

Austin thought for a moment, then asked, “Can peo­ple be home­less, too?”

“I’m afraid so,” TJ said, ex­pect­ing more ques­tions. But Austin just grew quiet.

The next day in the car, Austin be­gan point­ing at strangers on the street, ask­ing, “Dad, is he home­less? Is she?”

TJ knew his son was com­pas­sion­ate—austin was al­ways help­ing his 16-year-old brother, Tay­lor, who has autism. He also knew Austin wouldn’t rest un­til he un­der­stood the prob­lem, so TJ turned the car around and headed to a lo­cal home­less shel­ter.

As they pulled up, TJ and Austin saw a dozen men milling around, dressed in castoff cloth­ing. TJ braced him­self for Austin’s ques­tions, but his son had only one: “Can we buy them some food? They look hun­gry. I’ll use my money!” Feel­ing his heart swell, TJ took Austin to a nearby Burger King, chipped in a few dol­lars of his own, and they bought bags of chicken sand­wiches.

“Thank you, young man,” the men at the shel­ter beamed, as Austin hap­pily handed out the hot sand­wiches.

“I want to do that again!” Austin beamed to his mom.

So in­stead of weekly trips to the toy store to spend his al­lowance, Austin and his dad be­came reg­u­lars at Burger King, buy­ing food for the men and women at the shel­ter.

“Don’t for­get to show love,” Austin told ev­ery­one he met.

“You’re the one show­ing love,” one home­less man in­sisted. “Be­cause of you I want to be a bet­ter per­son.”

As word of Austin’s good work spread, do­na­tions poured in. Even Burger King com­mit­ted to giv­ing $1,000 a month, and Austin was over the moon.

Over the past sev­eral months, Austin, wear­ing his “Show Love” T-shirt, red tights and a su­per­hero cape, has doled out thou­sands of sand­wiches at shel­ters as far and wide as New York, Wash­ing­ton D.C., At­lanta and Los An­ge­les. And he has no plans of stop­ping.

“Lov­ing and help­ing peo­ple is the right thing to do,” Austin says. “It’s fun, and it makes them happy so they want to share love, too. And that makes me so happy!”

“I love giv­ing peo­ple food and smiles. It’s the high­light of my life,” Austin beams.

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