Walk off 38 lbs in 30 days!

The world’s eas­i­est form of ex­er­cise melts an in­cred­i­ble amount of fat—fast. Here, top doc­tors and big “losers” share the how-to that will help you slim quick…

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There’s been lots of buzz lately about ex­treme work­outs— but if you’re not keen on crawl­ing through mud or scal­ing up walls, here’s good news: You can for­get it all! Su­per­in­tense ex­er­cise “is more likely to lead to in­jury or burnout than last­ing weight loss,” says Jamé Hes­kett, M.D., au­thor of The Well Path. If getting slim is your goal, just walk. “It feels good, and it’s the most nat­u­ral way to lose fat!” Proof: Har­vard re­search has re­vealed that walk­ing flips ge­netic switches that make it eas­ier for us to get lean. Plus, adds Dr. Hes­kett, “Walk­ing low­ers stress hor­mones and stim­u­lates cir­cu­la­tion— fac­tors that prime the me­tab­o­lism for weight loss.”

Pair walk­ing with smart food choices, and the pay­off is amaz­ing. Seat­tle-area text­book au­thor Lor­raine Pa­pazian-boyce be­gan with a goal of walk­ing a mile a day; now she’s down 145 pounds. “At 63, I’m in the best shape of my life!” she raves. Mean­while, Texas restau­rant man­ager Meg Fuschak, 31, zoned out while strolling to her fa­vorite mu­sic. “The first day I got out of bed and re­al­ized I wasn’t breath­ing heavy any­more, I knew I was do­ing some­thing amaz­ing,” she re­calls. To­day, she’s 212 pounds slim­mer. Then there’s Ten­nessee mom Noelle Daw­son, 37, who of­ten walked with all five of her kids in tow. She lost 38 pounds in 30 days and 233 pounds total. “I was sur­prised by how good it felt from day one. And now—i can’t even put the dif­fer­ence in words.” Wow! How can the rest of us get such im­pres­sive re­sults? Just try one (or more!) of the sci­ence-backed strate­gies that worked won­ders for women like Lor­raine, Meg and Noelle…

AF­TER “I can do so much that I couldn’t be­fore,” Noelle says of los­ing 233 lbs. For more in­spi­ra­tion, fol­low her on In­sta­gram @Trans­form­ing_­noelle


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