Joy’s in­ge­nu­ity brought her suc­cess be­cause love gave her the courage to try!

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See fail­ure as a bless­ing “Each ‘fail­ure’ fills up our bas­kets with knowl­edge and re­sources that make us stronger,” Joy says. “When I was told ‘no,’ I’d reframe the word to mean ‘re­think’ the prob­lem!”

Cel­e­brate small suc­cesses “No mat­ter how small the win, mark the mo­ment and say, ‘ I did it!’ ” Joy smiles. In fact, peo­ple who cel­e­brate small suc­cesses are 60% more likely to achieve their goals.

Never give up “When the odds feel im­pos­si­ble, just keep plow­ing through,” Joy says. “My motto is to keep mov­ing and it will take you some­where…be­cause if you stop, it will take you nowhere.”

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