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Move over, Prozac!

Tak­ing 500 mg. of cur­cumin twice daily treats mild de­pres­sion as ef­fec­tively as flu ox e tine( Prozac ), sug­gests a study in the jour­nal Phy­tother­apy Re­search. The study au­thors say cur­cumin boosts pro­duc­tion of mood-el­e­vat­ing sero­tonin and dopamine.

Nico­tine nixer!

Daily 20-minute med­i­ta­tion helps smok­ers cut ci­garette use 60% in four weeks and dou­bles the odds of stay­ing smoke-free long-term. This from re­searchers at the Univer­sity of Ore­gon, who say med­i­ta­tion en­er­gizes the brain re­gion that con­trols crav­ings.

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