Becky lost 215 lbs at age 71!

Yes! This mir­a­cle fiber turns on skinny genes to melt 13 lbs in 7 days

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“Lord, You know I’m grow­ing older and I’m not as strong as I used to be. I can’t carry these 367 pounds much longer,” whis­pered Becky Hens­ley, as she sat on a sag­ging bench in her North Carolina home, sur­rounded by pho­tos of her chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and great- grand­daugh­ter. “Please, Lord, show me how to help my­self.” Becky tried to steady her jagged breath­ing, tried to ig­nore her aches and pains and fo­cus on her prayer. Sud­denly, a voice in her head gave her chills. It said: “Ask Don­nie to go to Weight Watch­ers with you. He won’t say no.”

Becky’s eyes shot open. She’d been hop­ing for a nudge in the right di­rec­tion—but had God Him­self just spo­ken to her? She felt giddy— and yet…surely she was imag­in­ing things. Af­ter all, her sweet hus­band would never go to Weight Watch­ers. Don­nie was nei­ther a joiner nor a fan of healthy food. Of course, maybe God talked to him too, Becky thought. Strain­ing to get up, she shuf­fled into the liv­ing room and found her hus­band in his easy chair. Like Becky, he was near­ing 400 pounds. Becky hes­i­tated, then blurted out, “Don­nie, will you go to Weight Watch­ers with me?” He glanced over, paused and asked, “Can we start on Satur­day?” Becky’s eyes filled with tears.

It’s never too late!

As the pair drove to their first meet­ing, Becky thought back to when her daddy would scold her for eat­ing too many rich foods; she’d sneak but­ter when his back was turned. As a chubby teen, she tried the first of many bru­tal di­ets, the worst of which had caused her hair and fin­ger­nails

to fall out. She mar­ried, had a son, di­vorced and met Don­nie af­ter tak­ing a sec­re­tar­ial job. When they wed, both were over 300 pounds—yet they never spoke of di­ets. In­stead, they threw par­ties; they ate, laughed and lived a joy­ful life. But now they took 18 pills a day be­tween them and even stand­ing to give loved ones a hug left them winded.

“Look over there,” said Don­nie. Becky’s heart swelled as they drove to­ward the most beau­ti­ful white cross she’d ever seen. The Weight Watch­ers meet­ing was in the same build­ing.

The next thing they knew, a woman named Nancy had signed them up. Af­ter the leader, Miss Norma, shared healthy eat­ing tips with the group, she took Becky and Don­nie aside for a crash course on count­ing “points.” The take­away: They’d ex­per­i­ment to find healthy foods that left them sat­is­fied as they watched their por­tion sizes. “We can do this, Don­nie,” Becky said with a smile.

Slim­ming along strong

Lit­tle by lit­tle, Becky and Don­nie fig­ured out what worked best for them. They tended to eat one hearty meal a day— of­ten at a restau­rant or party— and then light­but-fill­ing op­tions (soup, salad, pop­corn) the rest of the time. With­out even re­al­iz­ing it, they grav­i­tated to­ward foods that were packed with re­sis­tant starch— a “su­per fiber” proven to kill hunger, speed me­tab­o­lism and rev weight-loss hor­mones. Top sources— beans, corn­flakes, pop­corn, po­ta­toes and ba­nanas— all be­came fa­vorites in the Hens­ley house­hold. The cou­ple dropped a com­bined 15 pounds their first week and an­other 15 pounds or so in the weeks that fol­lowed. Fast-for­ward one year: Becky was down an as­ton­ish­ing 120 pounds and felt ready to be more ac­tive. Her mo­bil­ity was still lim­ited, but Miss Norma told her, “Rock­ing in a rock­ing chair for 20 min­utes counts as a mile!” Becky tried it. She huffed and puffed and said a prayer of thanks as she rocked on her porch. It wasn’t much, but she knew she was get­ting stronger.

Even­tu­ally, Becky and Don­nie built up enough en­durance for brisk daily walks, and in time, they hit their goal weights. There were bumps in the road—the pair did re­gain while try­ing to go it on their own—but they got back on track. All told, Don­nie is down 165 pounds and Becky is down 215. Most of their health prob­lems have van­ished; they’re tak­ing just a frac­tion of their pre­vi­ous med­i­ca­tions. As Becky pre­pares to cel­e­brate her 72nd birth­day, she’s still los­ing. “Re­cently, I was asked to men­tor a woman with 250 pounds to lose. We rock very slowly to­gether on my porch,” says Becky. “It’s okay to start slowly. That’s how I did it— and for me, it was noth­ing short of a mir­a­cle!”

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