What’s your kind­ness style?

Gen­eros­ity comes in all shapes and sizes— and pin­point­ing the way you’re most com­fort­able open­ing your heart to oth­ers can help you learn more about the good-for-you perks of your good­ness!

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Be­lieve there is no such thing as a small act of gen­eros­ity? Love do­ing nice things for strangers out of the blue?

Your gen­eros­ity type: Ran­dom acts of kind­ness

From giv­ing some­one a com­pli­ment to leav­ing an up­lift­ing note for a stranger to find, you know that even seem­ingly tiny ges­tures have a huge im­pact, un­leash­ing a domino ef­fect of joy. Do­ing good does you good: Re­search sug­gests that the anony­mous na­ture of your gen­eros­ity style trig­gers an even big­ger hap­pi­ness boost be­cause it in­stantly broad­ens your per­spec­tive and helps you feel part of a larger com­mu­nity. In­spired to help oth­ers by your be­lief in a higher power? Find loved ones of­ten come to you for ad­vice?

Spir­i­tual acts Your gen­eros­ity type: of kind­ness

From keep­ing oth­ers in your prayers to hold­ing their hand when they need a friend, you em­body divine love and com­pas­sion. Your faith helps your spirit soar and el­e­vates ev­ery­one around you. Do­ing good does you good: Your spir­i­tual strength is so calm­ing, it wards off colds and flu. En­joy mak­ing gifts for friends and loved ones? Find shar­ing your knowl­edge is espe­cially re­ward­ing?

Your gen­eros­ity type: Cre­ative acts of kind­ness

Whether you’re vol­un­teer­ing your time to teach crafts or knit­ting scarves to keep loved ones warm, your big­heart­ed­ness is lit­er­ally felt by oth­ers be­cause it’s com­pletely tan­gi­ble. Do­ing good does you good: Flex­ing cre­ativ­ity revs brain­power—and chan­nel­ing it to­ward oth­ers has even more ben­e­fits be­cause it’s shown to up mo­ti­va­tion, ig­nit­ing out- of-the-box ideas. Feel most ful­filled when giv­ing back to your com­mu­nity? Rel­ish rolling up your sleeves and do­ing vol­un­teer work?

Your gen­eros­ity type: Prac­ti­cal acts of kind­ness

Al­ways eager to lend a hand, be it by pitching in at your lo­cal an­i­mal shel­ter or mak­ing chicken soup for a sick friend, you’re a true prob­lem-solver. Do­ing good does you good: Build­ing bonds one al­tru­is­tic act at a time, you tend to be hap­pier than most, as the more con­nected we are to our com­mu­nity, the more sat­is­fied we are with life.

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