“Noth­ing heals like hope!”

After Lisa John­son Mc­far­land suf­fered a stroke and three brain aneurysms dur­ing choir prac­tice, doc­tors said she’d never be the same again. But to­day she's liv­ing proof that any­thing is pos­si­ble!

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“There’s no doubt that this is a mir­a­cle of God!”

L The 53-year-old isa as Bap­tist she John­son made Church Lock­port, Mc­far­land her for way choir into Illi­nois, smiled prac­tice. Shiloh na­tive widely al­ways had a song in her heart—whether it was singing hymns in church or shar­ing her gospel ren­di­tion of the base­ball an­them “Go, Cubs, Go” that reached a mil­lion views on Youtube in 2016. But as she took her place in the ris­ers, wav­ing at her son, By­ron, the group’s pi­anist, Lisa found her­self un­able to make a sound as a strange sen­sa­tion spread through her head. She could just make out her son’s pan­icked ex­pres­sion as he called out, “Mom, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Un­able to re­spond, Lisa grasped her head and swayed as ev­ery­thing around her went dark.

A heart­felt prayer

After be­ing rushed to the hospi­tal, doc­tors de­ter­mined that Lisa had suf­fered a stroke and had three aneurysms in her brain, one of which was still bleed­ing. “She has to have surgery to fix the bleed or she will die,” a sur­geon told her fam­ily. “Many don’t sur­vive the op­er­a­tion, but if Lisa does, she’ll need weeks of in­ten­sive care and months of re­hab. She might lose her abil­ity to walk, talk or eat. She may not even re­mem­ber you.” As her hus­band, brother and two sons lis­tened in­tently, Lisa’s mother, He­len, had only one ques­tion for the doc­tor: “Be­fore you op­er­ate, may I pray over your hands?” The sur­geon read­ily agreed, and as He­len be­gan to pray, the rest of Lisa’s fam­ily joined in. “God, please guide this doc­tor’s hands and be with him dur­ing surgery,” they said, fill­ing the room with words of hope and pos­i­tiv­ity. “Help her come back to us as the Lisa we love, smil­ing, laugh­ing, and most of all, singing.”

A song of hope

After a gru­el­ing eight-hour op­er­a­tion, Lisa’s fam­ily was sur­prised when she awoke the very next day. Hospi­tal staff and loved ones held their breath, won­der­ing if she’d be the same, and a week later they had their an­swer. Sud­denly, a smile spread across Lisa’s face, and she broke out singing “Put a Praise on It” by Tasha Cobbs. Over the next few days, Lisa de­fied all ex­pec­ta­tions by eat­ing, drink­ing and talk­ing nor­mally to each of her elated rel­a­tives. And just 10 days after surgery, ev­ery­one was amazed as Lisa walked down the hall on her own, singing more songs of hope and joy. “I’ve never seen any­thing like it,” her doc­tor mar­veled, as he signed Lisa’s hospi­tal re­lease after just 20 days. Though she did re­quire an at-home nurse, as well as some mild phys­i­cal and oc­cu­pa­tional ther­apy, just 10 weeks after her surgery, Lisa re­turned to church to sing. “There’s no doubt this was a mir­a­cle of God,” as­sures Lisa, who has com­pletely healed and is back to nor­mal. “If I can come back from this, I know you can be healed from any­thing too. Never give up—i be­lieve any­thing is pos­si­ble with God!”

"I'm so thank­ful to be alive!" says Lisa, who's now com­pletely healed after suf­fer­ing a stroke

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