End brain drain— in 60 sec­onds!

’Tis the sea­son for gath­er­ings and good cheer…and for many of us, it’s also the sea­son for foggy and groggy think­ing brought on by all our ex­tra hol­i­day-time to- do’s. Luck­ily, these study-proven strate­gies can sharpen fo­cus in just 30 sec­onds— plus boost

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Chill your hands

Run­ning your hands un­der cold wa­ter for just 30 sec­onds revs your men­tal en­ergy by 46% for two hours straight, Dutch re­searchers re­port in PLOS One. That’s the same jolt you’d get from a strong cup of cof­fee, but with­out the caf­feine jit­ters! Study co-au­thor Monique Dre­sen, PH.D., ex­plains that when the tem­per­a­ture of your ex­trem­i­ties drops, your adrenal glands re­lease a hor­mone that helps boost the flow of oxy­gen-rich blood to en­er­gize brain cells.

Rear­range photos

Over time, we stop see­ing things that never move, like the fam­ily photos that dec­o­rate our walls. Psy­chol­o­gists call it ha­bit­u­a­tion, and say out­smart­ing it can ban­ish brain fog. In­deed, Bri­tish re­searchers say sim­ply repo­si­tion­ing photos so you ap­pre­ci­ate them anew prompts the re­lease of an en­er­giz­ing brain chem­i­cal that makes men­tal en­ergy soar by 45% in 60 sec­onds!

Stand like Su­per­woman

Take once an a break hour to and strike you’ll a su­per­hero in­crease your pose men­tal stamina by 67%, re­port Univer­sity of Con­necti­cut re­searchers. Sim­ply stand tall with your hands on your hips and in­hale as you lift your chin up and pull your shoul­der blades back; ex­hale as you re­lease the pose. Re­peat for 60 sec­onds. The re­searchers say com­bin­ing a chest-ex­pand­ing stretch with deep breath­ing kick-starts your brain’s pro­duc­tion of its key en­ergy enzyme (ATP).

Add spice to rice

Gin­ger, co­rian­der, cin­na­mon…adding 1⁄ tsp. 2 of spice to a meal can chase away fog for two hours. For a last­ing boost, spice up 1⁄ cup 2 of brown rice—mak­ing it a daily sta­ple can im­prove your fo­cus by 55% in one week. Neal Barnard, M.D., au­thor of Power Foods for the Brain, says aro­matic oils in spices spur en­er­giz­ing brain waves while brown rice helps steady blood sugar.

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