Speed through Thanks­giv­ing cleanup

No need to scrub, scour or break a sweat this hol­i­day, thanks to these light­en­ingquick tricks that’ll let you get back to the fun—fast!

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Make wash­ing eas­ier with oil and stock

“Be­fore putting your turkey in the pan, rub the roast­ing rack with veg­etable oil,” says clean­ing ex­pert Mary Gagliardi. “Then pour chicken stock in the bot­tom of the pan to prevent the juices from burn­ing—it makes clean­ing up much eas­ier and you get a bet­ter tast­ing gravy from the drip­pings!”

Get sil­ver­ware with sparkling a “spoon jar”

Sil­ver­ware can be a pain to clean, espe­cially if it’s not dish­washer-safe. The so­lu­tion: “Be­fore din­ner, fill a jar with warm wa­ter and dish soap and leave it on the counter,” says Jes­sica Sam­son of The Maids In­ter­na­tional. “After din­ner, place sil­ver­ware in the jar to soak so you’re not stuck scrub­bing off dried- on gravy when it’s time to wash them.”

Clean pans in­stantly with a baking soda soak

Get cover any the pan sur­face sparkling with fast: 2 Tbs. “Once baking it cools, soda, 1 cup hot wa­ter and 1⁄ 4 cup vine­gar,” rec­om­mends clean­ing pro Derek Chris­tian (CastleKeep­ers.com). “Let sit for five min­utes— the chem­i­cal re­ac­tion will do all the work for you!”

Cor­ral kitchen scraps with a garbage bowl

The eas­i­est way to keep your kitchen spick-andspan on Turkey Day? Clean as you go, rec­om­mends Sam­son. Her clever how-to: “Sim­ply line a large bowl with a plas­tic bag and throw all your food scraps in there as you cook,” she sug­gests. “Once you’re done with prep, it’s just one move into the waste bin or com­post pile—you don’t even have to clean the bowl!”

Avoid baked- on gunk by skipping the spritz

“It’s a lit­tle-known fact, but if you’re us­ing a cookie sheet, it’s best to skip canned oil sprays,” re­veals Chris­tian. “The sprays weren’t de­signed to be baked in an oven for long periods of time, and they of­ten burn, turn­ing into a hard-to-re­move film.” The fix: “Just line sheets with parch­ment pa­per to prevent stick­ing.”

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