“One kind ges­ture filled my heart with com­fort!”

When the driver in front of Ni­cole Claw­son treated her to a cof­fee in the Star­bucks drive-thru, the ran­dom act of kind­ness not only eased Ni­cole’s griev­ing heart, it also in­spired thou­sands of oth­ers!

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My can’t babysit­ter come in is to­day. sick, I Claw­son I’m ex­plained so sorry,” to Ni­cole her boss with The an Union­town, ex­hausted sigh. Ohio, mom of two hated tak­ing the day off, espe­cially since it meant she wouldn’t get paid. But Ni­cole had re­cently used all her va­ca­tion days after she’d lost her dad. Sud­denly, she felt tears welling, think­ing of how ter­ri­bly she missed him. And on top of her grief, Ni­cole had the stress of hav­ing to hire a new sit­ter be­cause her dad al­ways watched her two kids. Now, re­al­iz­ing there would likely be more days like

to­day… It’ ll prob­a­bly save money if I quit my job and stay home with them, Ni­cole con­cluded. Think­ing about all the sud­den, big changes in her life, Ni­cole felt her spirit sag, so she de­cided to treat her­self to a Star­bucks cof­fee for a much­needed pick-me-up. But to her sur­prise, Ni­cole got a boost even be­fore she took the first sip. When she got to the drive-thru win­dow, the barista said, “The lady ahead of you paid for your cof­fee.” Tears sprang to Ni­cole’s eyes as she gazed at the sil­ver

Honda pulling away. What a nice thing to do! she smiled. And as she drove home, Ni­cole felt her mood brighten. She also no­ticed that she was still be­hind that same sil­ver car. Block by block, the driver re­mained in front of her and fi­nally pulled into a drive­way— across the street from her own! Ni­cole hadn’t met those neigh­bors, but she wanted to thank the young woman, so she left her a thank-you note.

What you did for me was more than just a cof­fee. It was some­thing that has turned my whole day around, put tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, Ni­cole wrote. And shar­ing her re­cent heartaches, she ex­plained, You helped shift my per­spec­tive and see the good­ness sur­round­ing me. Later, 19-year-old Macken­zie Mauller’s dad found the note in their mail­box and asked, “Did you buy some­one cof­fee?” “Yes,” Macken­zie said, ex­plain­ing that, ev­ery so of­ten, she treats a stranger. A cou­ple of weeks ear­lier, she’d bought Mcdon­ald’s for an el­derly cou­ple. “It makes them smile and that makes me smile!” But read­ing Ni­cole’s thankyou, Macken­zie re­al­ized what a big dif­fer­ence lit­tle kind­nesses can make. Moved, she posted Ni­cole’s note on Twit­ter—and it went vi­ral, re­ceiv­ing thou­sands of likes and replies. Many shared that it had in­spired them to do ran­dom acts of kind­ness too. She should know about this, Macken­zie thought. Ni­cole hadn’t signed her note but had said she lived on the block. So Macken­zie knocked on doors… un­til she fi­nally found Ni­cole. “Wow!” Ni­cole mar­veled, when Macken­zie told her about the out­pour­ing of love from the Twit­ter post. “Your sweet ges­ture started it all!” To­day Ni­cole and Macken­zie are friends and Macken­zie is now a pinch-hit babysit­ter—and role model—for Ni­cole’s kids. “Life is short, and it’s im­por­tant to make each other feel ap­pre­ci­ated,” Ni­cole says. “Macken­zie opened my eyes to how caring and giv­ing the younger gen­er­a­tion can be. She filled me with hope—and that’s quite a gift for the price of a cup of cof­fee!”

“We’re proof that kind­ness and grat­i­tude can go a long way!” smiles Ni­cole (right) with Macken­zie (left)

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