Get more ca­pa­bil­ity, ac­cu­racy, and re­peata­bil­ity from your hand­held and ta­ble-mounted routers with th­ese tools and jigs, tested and proven in the WOOD® shop.


Hand­held helpers Cre­ate per­fect cir­cles and ovals

With this jig, you can rout pre­cise shapes that need only light sand­ing along the edges. Start by screw­ing the jig to the bot­tom face of the work­piece (where the screw holes won’t be no­ticed on the fin­ished project). To rout cir­cles, sim­ply se­cure one of the two dove­tailed slid­ers in the cen­ter of the jig’s grooves with the router set for the ra­dius you want, and then rout in in­cre­men­tal depths un­til done. For ovals, set the two slid­ers for the max­i­mum travel in their axes, and then rout. The slid­ers glide back and forth in the jig as you rout the el­lip­ti­cal shape. The large jig we tested al­lows for ovals with a max­i­mum of 8" be­tween the long and short axes and a min­i­mum of

31⁄2". You also can rout cir­cles from 91⁄4" to 52" in di­am­e­ter. On the small jig, you can rout cir­cles up to 24" in di­am­e­ter and ovals

6×11" to as large as 19×24". Both come predrilled for many com­mon routers.

Router cat­e­gories: Trim router, 1 hp or less; com­pact router, 11⁄4 hp; mid­size router, 11⁄2–21⁄4 hp; full-size router, 3+ hp.

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