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Nail-Gun Rack


This cu­tomiz­able or­ga­nizer keeps all your nail­ers within easy reach, and all your fas­ten­ers, hose noz­zles, and ac­ces­sories where you can eas­ily find them. Add a hose reel if you like [Sources] for even more con­ve­nience.

Start with the cab­i­net

1 Cut,parts A–F List]. to size [Ex­ploded

View Ma­te­ri­als

2 Dado and rab­bet the sides (A) and shelves (C). Glue to­gether the shelves and di­viders [Photo A].

Fit the hold­ers

1 While the shelf as­sem­bly dries, cut parts G–I to size [Draw­ing 1]. Sand each piece, lightly round­ing over the edges and ends. Screw to­gether each holder (G/H). 2 Dry-clamp the cab­i­net sides, top, and bot­tom (A, B)—no glue. Ar­range the G/H as­sem­blies and side hold­ers (I) to fit your nail guns [Photo B].

3 Mark the lo­ca­tion of each di­vider (G) on the top. Drill coun­ter­sunk pilot holes for each di­vider, and screw them to the top [Draw­ing 1]. (Don’t glue them—this al­lows you to change the setup should you change nail­ers.) Glue the top trim (F) to the top [Ex­ploded View]. Screw the side hold­ers to the cab­i­net sides.

4 Glue and clamp the shelf as­sem­bly (C/D), top as­sem­bly (B/F), and bot­tom (B) to the cab­i­net sides. When dry, screw the back (E) to the cab­i­net.

Now make the draw­ers

1 Cut the drawer sides (J), fronts (K), and backs (L) to size [Draw­ing 2]. Dado, groove, and rab­bet the sides and fronts. 2 Dry-fit each drawer to en­sure it fits into its open­ing. Cut the drawer bot­toms (M) to fit. Drill cen­tered holes in the fronts for the knob screws. Sand each part smooth and lightly round over all edges. 3 Glue to­gether the draw­ers. When dry, in­stall a knob [Sources] on each drawer. 4 Hang the cab­i­net on a wall with 3" screws, mak­ing sure to screw into wall studs for the nec­es­sary sup­port.

EX­PLODED VIEW ¼" rab­bet 3/8" deep ¾" rab­bet 3/8" deep ¾" da­does 3/8" deep¾" rab­bet 3/8" deep 3" ¾" 9½" 3"¾" da­does 3/8" deep 8½" ¾" 27" 27¾" #10 x 3" truss-head cab­i­net screw 8½" 11¾" #8 x 1¼" F.H. screw 11¾" 30" ¼" #8 x 1¼" F.H. screw #8 x ¾" F.H. screw

A Keep the front edges flush when clamp­ing up the shelves and di­viders. Wipe away any glue squeeze-out to en­sure the draw­ers will fit and slide smoothly.

B Po­si­tion the hold­ers and nail guns so that each gun fits snug enough be­tween them to stay in place, yet still re­moves and re­places eas­ily.

4½" 1¾" 4½" 10" #8 x 1¼" F.H. screw 2¾" 2¾"Set spac­ing to fit your nail­ers.

#8 x 1¼" F.H. screw 12" 30"

½" rab­bet ½" deep 81/8" ¼" groove ¼" deep ¼" from bot­tom edge ½"DRAW­ERS 2" ½" dado ¼" deep 27/16" 11½" 215/16" 2

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