Mani/pedi Caddy


Make mul­ti­ples for gift-giv­ing, or mod­ify the de­sign to store chis­els, pen­cils, etc.

Note: Com­bine dif­fer­ent species of wood for a dra­matic look. You could use light wood for parts A and C and a dark one for B and D, for in­stance. Fig­ured or ex­otic wood also makes an at­trac­tive bath ac­ces­sory.

We built this caddy to hold a 3 Swords eight-piece groom­ing kit [Source]. To ac­com­mo­date dif­fer­ent tools, sim­ply ad­just the slot sizes and spac­ing. 1 Cut two boards 3∕4×4×12" for the body lam­i­na­tions (A–C) and base (D) [Ex­ploded View]. 2 Mark the dado lo­ca­tions [Drawing 1], but leave the boards full length for eas­ier han­dling. (We laid out parts A and B on one board, C and D on the other, po­si­tion­ing one piece at each end of the board.)

3 Cut the da­does [Photo A]. Start with the 3∕16"deep dado in part B. Then, raise the blade to cut the 1∕4"-deep dado in part A and the 3∕8"deep and 9∕16"-deep ones in parts A and C. Tip! A table­saw cross­cut sled pro­vides the safest and most ac­cu­rate means for cut­ting the body da­does. To make the sled shown, see page 52.

Build the body

1 Set the tools in their da­does in parts A and C [Open­ing photo]. Mark the lengths of the fillers [Photo B]. Cut a filler for the dado in part B the same length as the cor­re­spond­ing one in part C [Ex­ploded View].

2 Cut the fillers to size and glue them in place. Af­ter the glue dries, sand the fillers flush to the faces of the lam­i­na­tions. 3 Cut parts A–D to 5" long. Glue lam­i­na­tions A–C to­gether, align­ing the da­does [Ex­ploded View].

As­sem­ble the caddy

1 Tilt your table­saw blade to 30° and bevel­rip the body and base to size [Ex­ploded View]. Glue the base to the body.

2 Sand the back and sides of the assem­bly flush. Fin­ish-sand and ap­ply a durable fin­ish, such as polyurethane. Fi­nally, in­sert the tools in their slots and put the caddy in a handy spot.


Man­i­cure set, 3 Swords eight-piece groom­ing kit, $33, wood­ Note: We cross­cut and planed the fillers from a

3∕4 ×11∕4" board. They do not need to be the same stock as the body.

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