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I feel Dave Camp­bell’s pain con­cern­ing dust-col­lec­tion fit­tings in is­sue 254’s Tak­ing Mea­sure (“Pitch­ing a Fit”). I work at a wood­work­ing store, and I have been the light­ning rod for some very heated rants, as if I were re­spon­si­ble for de­sign­ing each and ev­ery in­di­vid­ual dust port and do­ing so in dif­fer­ing sizes in­ten­tion­ally.

If I were king for a day, I would re­quire ev­ery sta­tion­ary ma­chine to be equipped with a 4" port; ev­ery bench­top power tool with a 21∕2" port, and por­ta­ble power tools with 11∕4" ports, with no de­vi­a­tion from those three sizes.

—Dave Phillips Sacra­mento, Calif.

Dave, I can’t ex­press enough how I share your frus­tra­tion on dust-col­lec­tion fit­tings. We need to rally more wood­work­ers on this cam­paign. I’m with you 100% on this one.

—Bob Houle Wind­sor, Conn.

Bless your soul! You hit a home run, Dave. Maybe the new “uni­ver­sal” fit­tings should have a color code or unique mark to iden­tify them. Can't wait to see how long it takes to get ev­ery­one on board. By the way, you said you have only one bucket of odd­ball fit­tings? Lucky dude: I have an en­tire card­board box of them.

—Greg Forst Tuc­son, Ariz.

That was just my bucket of small adapters, Greg. I have an­other 30-gal­lon plas­tic tote full of 4"-ish hoses, fit­tings, and adapters!

—Dave Camp­bell

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Made from 1,500year-old curly red­wood, this cabi­net by Daniel Lawrence, of Fern­dale, Calif., fea­tures a stained- glass door he also de­signed and crafted. In­te­rior cabi­net com­po­nents in­clude lace­wood, wal­nut, and bird's-eye maple parts.

Us­ing a "bas­ket-weave look" tech­nique of his de­sign, Jerry Syfert, of Se­bring, Fla., built this mem­o­ra­bilia chest from 287 pieces of wal­nut and white cedar har­vested from a small is­land in north­ern Michi­gan.

Work­ing from pho­tos, Wal­ter Seckel, of Galion, Ohio, built this 4'-long model of "The Gen­eral," the iconic Civil War-era lo­co­mo­tive, from solid wal­nut. It took him about 200 hours.

Ted Stephens, of Cum­ming, Iowa, dis­cov­ered a wind-fallen wal­nut tree on his prop­erty, had it milled and kiln-dried, then made it into this beau­ti­ful nat­u­ral-edge ta­ble and benches.

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