Michael Voll­bracht’s Art­work To Be Spot­lighted in Sale, Show


As the ex­ecu­tor of the de­signer’s es­tate, Voll­bracht’s niece Tracy Stan­ley has the task of piec­ing to­gether his ar­chives.

Michael Voll­bracht re­treated from the New York fash­ion scene in the Aughts, but he con­tin­ued to build his port­fo­lio with paint­ings, writ­ing, sketches and other art­work.

Drafts for books, plays, pho­to­graphs, sketches, paint­ings and mixed-me­dia art are part of the trove of keep­sakes his niece Tracy Stan­ley has been try­ing to piece to­gether. As the ex­ecu­tor of his es­tate, she has been on a fact-find­ing mis­sion, when she isn’t work­ing as a nurse and phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal rep in Kansas City. Adding to the chal­lenge is the fact that she hadn’t seen her un­cle, who died in June at the age of 70, in more than 20 years.

“This is just an­other way for me to un­der­stand my un­cle bet­ter. When I went to Safety Har­bor [Fla.], so many peo­ple have so many sto­ries. It just re­ally paints a pic­ture of who he was,” she said. “I’ve got let­ters and plays that he wrote [in­clud­ing one star­ring him and Liz Tay­lor]. He started two or three dif­fer­ent books. He was just a com­pletely tal­ented in­di­vid­ual be­yond mea­sure. Even his house was over­whelm­ing. He had painted ev­ery wall and ev­ery ceil­ing in this de­sign. He would have ma­jor pieces of art­work mixed in with thrift-store plates. It took us two or three days to look at one cer­tain wall and to un­der­stand, ‘This is an art project. He’s made this wall look like a hall­way.’ It’s crazy. It wasn’t an ac­ci­dent.”

A ret­ro­spec­tive of his work is planned for Nov. 19, on what would have been his 71st birth­day, at the Syd En­tel Gal­leries and Susan Ben­jamin Glass in Safety Har­bor. “Re­mem­ber­ing Michael Voll­bracht, 1947-2018” will be an art show and

Michael Voll­bracht’s mixed me­dia paint­ing of Mar­lene Di­et­rich.

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