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Christo­pher Sch­lerf, last seen work­ing on Mass Ef­fect An­dromeda, has been snapped up by Bungie to work on Des­tiny. Er, what hap­pened in Halo 4, again? Vis­ceral nailed space-hor­ror with but any Solo tie-in would need a lighter tone. Han cut off arms first?

Dis­ney’s of­fi­cial gam­ing part­ner Elec­tronic Arts has put its best stu­dios on the case in an at­tempt to keep up with Mickey Mouse’s in­ces­sant money-churn­ing fac­tory. We’ve al­ready ex­am­ined in th­ese pages the ev­i­dence that Vis­ceral Games – the stu­dio be­hind Dead Space – is work­ing on a third-per­son, open-world ad­ven­ture based around a younger Han Solo; with Uncharted writer Amy Hen­nig and for­mer As­sas­sin’s Creed pro­ducer Jade Ray­mond on board, there’s some se­ri­ous pro­gram­ming mus­cle be­hind this pro­ject. Whether it’s a di­rect tie-in with the Han Solo film or not, the smart money is on Vis­ceral’s game re­leas­ing closer to the film’s 2018 re­lease date than to­day. Hope for a taster at E3.

Vis­ceral Games has been bullish about its Star Wars plans on so­cial me­dia, but BioWare isn’t so Hope­fully Star

DLC can lure us back into bat­tle, as our copy’s frozen in car­bonite, Han Solo-style. forth­com­ing. One in­ter­est­ing tid­bit is BioWare’s Austin stu­dio – re­spon­si­ble for the 2011 MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Re­pub­lic – is re­cruit­ing for a new, unan­nounced pro­ject. None­the­less, most RPG fans will be root­ing for a new en­try in the long-dor­mant Knights of the Old Re­pub­lic se­ries – BioWare be­ing the stu­dio re­spon­si­ble for the very first Ko­tOR, re­leased on Xbox back in 2003.

While Lego Star Wars: Force Awak­ens is due to ar­rive on June 28, EA’s games might seem like they’re in a galaxy far, far away. But fret not: EA DICE has your six over the com­ing year, with a del­uge of new Star Wars Bat­tle­front ex­pan­sion packs. By the time you read this, Outer Rim should’ve hit, which takes the bat­tle to Jabba’s palace and the in­dus­trial fac­to­ries of Sul­lust. This sum­mer’s Be­spin takes us to the tit­u­lar cloud city, while fall’s Death Star takes us to that big space sta­tion we all love. All in all, the next few years of­fer a new hope for Star Wars fans.

// If Dis­ney has made cool again, then it’s also made it pro­lific, wi th three films sched­uled over the next three years//

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