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A pre­quel? So we see Faith as she park­ours around a jun­gle gym?

Not quite. Faith has re­cently left prison, and seems to have some anger is­sues. She’s a far more reck­less per­son at this point in her life than the char­ac­ter we met in Mir­ror’s Edge. Her par­ents’ mur­der is still very re­cent, but what could be more ther­a­peu­tic than div­ing off a build­ing? Oh, and then land­ing safely. Prefer­ably.

Ooh, can I leap around the city now?

If you can stom­ach it. One view from atop a build­ing was so high, it made your av­er­age As­sas­sin’s Creed view­point look like a div­ing board above the shal­low end of the pad­dling pool. Fall off the edge, and you could prob­a­bly com­plete the orig­i­nal Mir­ror’s Edge in the time it takes to hit the bot­tom. Don’t look down.

Sounds great, but do I have to use a gun again?

The poor-qual­ity shoot­ing is long gone. Fight­ing is bru­tal and ef­fi­cient, with quick fin­ish­ers to keep the fo­cus on the

May 26 free-run­ning. Leap­ing and land­ing on a guard with a kick to the skull re­minds us of Bioshock In­fi­nite’s ex­cel­lent sky­hook com­bat. We also saw Faith hang­ing on to he­li­copter drones to get around. The higher up you are, the eas­ier it is to get the drop on guards.

First-per­son will make run­ning head­first into walls so im­mer­sive!

Sure will, but we’re keen to see what im­prove­ments have been made to the con­trols, as the first­per­son view did make it tricky to judge jumps be­fore. There is one new tool that could po­ten­tially help: it looks like Faith has ac­cess to a vi­sor this time. It shows her a tick­er­tape of news sto­ries, a mini-map, and a body scan­ner.

But pre­quels are al­ways duller. Apart from my favourite movie, The Phan­tomMe­nace.

...Right. Cat­a­lyst ac­tu­ally looks to be push­ing Xbox One to the lim­its, with a sleek, de­tailed, highly be­liev­able fu­ture city. One ex­plo­sive set-piece shows Faith dan­gling from the crum­bling de­bris of a build­ing in scenes that would make Lara Croft tear up with pride. If Mir­ror’s Edge was a great near-miss, Cat­a­lyst looks well on track to stick the land­ing this time out.

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