There’s no hid­ing and stay­ing still means al­most cer­tain death//

XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - PREVIEW -

you can quickly switch be­tween us­ing a weapon wheel. When in it, time slows to a crawl, giv­ing you ex­tra breath­ing room while you work out which tool is best for evis­cer­at­ing whichever hell spawn hap­pens to be bear­ing down on you at that mo­ment. They can all be mod­i­fied, too, ca­pa­ble of host­ing up to two sec­ondary func­tions at any one time – the rocket launcher’s pro­jec­tiles can be det­o­nated early if they sail wide of a tar­get, for ex­am­ple, while a mini­gun erupts into a dev­as­tat­ing three‑pronged tur­ret. In ad­di­tion, sig­nif­i­cantly in­jur­ing en­e­mies will put them into a stunned state, in which they flash blue when you’re at a dis­tance and or­ange when


Or try…

in range. Hit a but­ton and you’ll pull off a Glory Kill: a brief, canned an­i­ma­tion in which you go hands‑on with dis­mem­ber­ment. The kill you pull off de­pends on your an­gle of ap­proach and will gift you health and ammo.

Should this wide-rang­ing on­slaught of vi­o­lence prove too much, you can take a breather with SnapMap, Doom’s in-built map editor. We’re told to work our way through the hand­ful of brief train­ing tasks. Fif­teen min­utes later, we’ve built our first level, re­plete with en­e­mies and pick-ups cour­tesy of a pair of bril­liantly con­ceived emit­ters that ran­domly pop­u­late your cre­ations. You can stick with this, or hand­place ev­ery el­e­ment, but in both cases the re­sults are in­stantly playable and sur­pris­ingly solid. And id is al­ready toy­ing with the tool’s po­ten­tial – we’re shown a tower de­fence ef­fort and a brain-stretch­ing mem­ory chal­lenge.

With no firm re­lease date, there’s still likely to be a rea­son­able wait left to en­dure for Doom. But what’s al­ready here is a strik­ing ri­poste to its me­chan­i­cally sim­i­lar peers and one with ev­ery chance of prov­ing you can teach an old god new tricks. Ben Maxwell Por­tals must be de­stroyed to progress, but rip­ping out their glow­ing yel­low hearts takes a se­cond or two.

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