Bat­tal­ion 1944

Ach nein! Der Zweite Weltkrieg Shooter ist zurück!

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“Duck AND cover, sol­dier. Not ‘duck in road where en­emy can eas­ily shoot you’.”

F/ or first-per­son shooter fans at least, the Se­cond World War used to be the per­fect place to be. Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and a ton of im­i­ta­tors once com­peted for the con­sole WWII crown. Then a lit­tle game called Mod­ern Warfare dragged us kick­ing and scream­ing into the 21st cen­tury, rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing con­sole mul­ti­player and killing off a once over­stuffed genre in the process. World War II was of­fi­cially over. And not in a good way.

But the genre might be hav­ing a come­back, now Bulk­head In­ter­ac­tive has suc­cess­fully funded Bat­tal­ion 1944, a mul­ti­player-only FPS for WWIIshooter fans, old and new. “This game is be­ing made by de­sign­ers who have grown up spend­ing their days play­ing Medal of Honor and Call of

/ Duty 2,” says Joe Bram­mer, pro­ducer at Bulk­head In­ter­ac­tive. “We know what it was like to be a kid play­ing those games, we know what it means to care about first-per­son shoot­ers, and we know what it means to feel dis­ap­pointed by the state of the genre, par­tic­u­larly on con­soles. We think it needs a re­vi­tal­iza­tion.”

Far from mere fan ser­vice, the de­vel­op­ers are en­sur­ing Bat­tal­ion has the pro­duc­tion val­ues and stan­dards of a mod­ern FPS. Real-world lo­ca­tions have been heav­ily re­searched, many turn­ing out to be an FPS level de­signer’s dream. As Bram­mer ex­plains of the streets of Carentan, “It’s to­tally po­si­tioned to be a place that’s very dif­fi­cult to take over, that’s why the Ger­mans set up there in the first place!” So a per­fect FPS map, tai­lor­made. Thanks, Ger­mans!

Nat­u­rally, a huge draw­back to set­ting a re­al­is­tic shooter dur­ing WWII is you’re stuck with out­dated weapons. Com­pared to the power of Des­tiny’s Gjal­larhorn or Bat­tle­front’s

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