Pin­ball FX2

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Pub Mi­crosoft Stu­dios / Dev Zen Stu­dios

Talk about the Babe Ruth of vir­tual pin­ball games. This free-to-play sleeper hit isn’t just heftily pro­por­tioned—there are a frankly ridicu­lous num­ber of ta­bles to play on—it’s also a true great when it comes to smash­ing tiny balls about. While the core game won’t cost you any­thing, your wal­let will get lighter if you de­cide to buy the va­ri­ety of pre­mium ta­bles Zen Stu­dios has cooked up. Which one’s the most de­sir­able, you ask? It has to be the pack that’s fo­cused on a cer­tain Far, Far Away galaxy. The Star Wars Pin­ball Sea­son One pack may cost $29.99, but with ta­bles that of­fer ev­ery­thing from Ewok­slaugh­ter­ing ac­tion on En­dor to frosty fun on Hoth, there’s some se­ri­ously ap­peal­ing Force-tinged fan ser­vice go­ing on here. But if you’d rather play on ta­bles fo­cused on Nikola Tesla than lov­able rogue Han Solo, Zen’s more vanilla packs are priced at a more rea­son­able $9.99 and $14.99… you big Star Wars-hat­ing mu­tant, you.


The game’s free ta­bles won’t tide you over for long. When you feel the Force call­ing, your cash may em­brace it.

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