01 Covenant En­ergy Sword—Halo

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Some peo­ple would ar­gue that this isn’t ac­tu­ally a bladed weapon, on ac­count of the nit­pick­ing dis­tinc­tion that it’s made from pure en­ergy rather than shiny metal. To those peo­ple we would present this sim­ple ar­gu­ment: Sh­hhh. It cuts things, so it’s def­i­nitely a blade. There’s noth­ing quite so sat­is­fy­ing as the splashy noise that comes with pick­ing up an en­ergy sword in a des­per­ate game of 2v2 (apart, per­haps, from a match-win­ning sword spree on Black­out). It’s a weapon that typ­i­fies ev­ery­thing that’s great about Halo: It’s ab­so­lutely lethal in the right cir­cum­stances, yet is never over­pow­ered. It also elic­its happy mem­o­ries of the sword-sniper gl­itch from Halo 2, which would let you leap mag­i­cally across the map just by switch­ing be­tween the two weapons quickly enough. Sim­ply put, the Covenant En­ergy Sword is Halo’s lightsaber: Iconic, im­pres­sive and won­der­fully evoca­tive.

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