Dead-eye Jedi

XBox: The Official Magazine (US) - - INTRO - Stephen Ashby Edi­tor Steve took over as head of the Jedi coun­cil/Edi­tor this month. Un­for­tu­nately, his hap­haz­ard use of a lightsaber in the of­fice meant he was im­me­di­ately called in for a meet­ing with HR.

Lasers? Check. Swing­ing lightsabers with wild aban­don? Check. An ac­tual, hon­est-to-God, sin­gle-player cam­paign? Check. This month, we’ve trav­eled to a galaxy far, far away to un­cover ev­ery pos­si­ble de­tail on Star Wars:

Bat­tle­front II. From new plan­ets to fa­mous faces, we’ve man­aged to smug­gle out all the plans, put them in an old R2 unit, chucked them into an es­cape pod, and jet­ti­soned them in your di­rec­tion—start­ing on p38. If you pre­fer a galaxy a lit­tle closer to home, though (the one we’re in right now, for ex­am­ple), we haven’t for­got­ten you ei­ther. Grab your Ghost and dive into the lat­est Des­tiny 2 news, which you’ll find on p10. If space shoot­ing doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not sam­ple our E3 pre­dic­tions on p52 (based en­tirely on fan­ci­ful guess­work), or our Yooka-Laylee re­view on p60? It would al­most be rude not to…

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