Af­ter all of the hype and ru­mors, Bungie has fi­nally an­nounced the se­quel Des­tiny 2. Here’s ev­ery­thing we know about it so far

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Af­ter the suc­cess of the last twoand a-half-years we al­ways knew this day would come. Some might call it fate, we call it des­tiny… 2. Ahem Yep, Bungie’s fol­low-up to the Halo se­ries is fi­nally get­ting a se­quel, and just from its brief an­nounce­ment it’s al­ready look­ing more im­pres­sive than the orig­i­nal. It’s also go­ing to mark a fresh start for the se­ries, so it’s go­ing to be the per­fect place for all would-be Guardians to join the fray for the first time along­side more ex­pe­ri­enced folk.

Cur­rently Des­tiny play­ers are en­joy­ing the game’s last event—The Age Of Tri­umph, which gives you ac­cess to a record book full of tasks that will keep you busy all the way up to Septem­ber. Like a vic­tory tour, it takes you through re­vis­it­ing all of the game’s best bits from the last two years. It’s all rather cheery, so how we get from there to all of the death and de­struc­tion that’s cur­rently on show in Destiny2 will be quite the shock to the (so­lar) sys­tem.

For starters the low-hang­ing moon-thing that is The Trav­eller is in a bad way. Af­ter ush­er­ing in Earth’s golden age of tech­nol­ogy, where hu­man­ity spread through­out the so­lar sys­tem and kept the Last City safe for the last few hun­dred years, The Trav­eller seemed in­vin­ci­ble. So in­vin­ci­ble that see­ing its in­nards rav­aged by flames like the af­ter ef­fects of a bad chilli comes as huge a sur­prise.

It’s not just our giant round friend ei­ther—the Last City has also fallen. The Tower where you spent all of your free time in Destiny1 danc­ing and be­ing dis­mayed by Xur’s of­fer­ings has been oblit­er­ated. The stor­age vaults where you kept all of your loot? All gone. Yep, even the se­cret balls used for spon­ta­neous kick­abouts are gone, and it’s all thanks to those blasted Ca­bal. Thanks a lot, guys.

Hive mind

De­spite how much you’ve been killing them off in Destiny1 the bad guys have man­aged to amass enough forces for a full-on as­sault on The Trav­eller and The Last City, forc­ing out you and your Guardian bud­dies into the sur­round­ing wastes. The ones be­hind it all? The Red Le­gion led by Ghaul, or Gary as Cayde-6 likes to call him. They’re a com­pletely new fac­tion that are said to be even more pow­er­ful than any­thing we’ve en­coun­tered and come equipped with some se­ri­ously pow­er­ful gear and some nasty new en­emy types.

From more mo­bile shields that can be de­ployed at will by en­e­mies that we’ll have to get around, to brutes wield­ing en­ergy cleavers, and vi­cious alien dog things that will pounce at your face, there will be a lot of new bad guys to shoot at. Ghaul him­self is said to be a master strate­gist, which ex­plains how he was able to for­mu­late a suc­cess­ful plan to at­tack The

Trav­eler, but he’s also im­pres­sively well ar­mored and looks like he could pack a se­ri­ous punch in a po­ten­tial boss fight.

Lead­ing the charge against all this nas­ti­ness are the Van­guards. If you’ve played the first Des­tiny you’ll have met them be­fore—they’re the lead­ers of each of the three classes you can play as. Com­man­der Zavala, who orig­i­nally led the Ti­tans, seems to be the main point of con­tact, de­liv­er­ing an in­spir­ing speech to rally an army of Guardians to fight back. Mean­while Cayde-6 of the Hunter class is far more in­ter­ested in grab­bing loot and find­ing a chance to show off his skills.

Other fa­mous Des­tiny friends will also be mak­ing a re­turn: Ikora Key has joined the fray as leader of the War­lock class, Lord Shaxx who was run­ning the Cru­cible has been spot­ted tak­ing up arms, as have the ten­dril-faced mer­chant Xur and some­one wear­ing the queen’s sigil, which sug­gests that the Awo­ken of The Reef might be step­ping in as well. Per­haps Mara Sov her­self will make a re­turn to guide you through the outer reaches of space.

Ex­otic moves

Destiny2 is also look­ing to ad­dress a lot of the crit­i­cisms it faced in the orig­i­nal over its lack of a solid story. While Bungie’s gun­play is ex­cep­tional it didn’t give any par­tic­u­larly com­pelling rea­sons to be do­ing all that shoot­ing in the first place, but the se­quel is rec­ti­fy­ing that by giv­ing it more of a char­ac­ter-led fo­cus. We’ve seen more of what Zavala and Cayde-6 are like in a sin­gle trailer than we had in all of Des­tiny and its ex­pan­sions. In­stead of be­ing hid­den in tiny ex­tracts hid­den around the world, the work­ings of the so­lar sys­tem and the Dark­ness’ role in it will be front and cen­tre.

Of course there will also be whole load of new weapons and abil­i­ties to en­joy for each of the three pre­ex­ist­ing classes of Ti­tan, War­lock and Hunter. New exotics are a given, though Cayde-6 has been spot­ted wield­ing his classic Ace of Spades hand canon so no doubt a few clas­sics will re­turn, per­haps with slightly dif­fer­ent pa­ram­e­ters or skins to give them a unique twist.

Added to that is the pos­si­bil­ity of new sub­classes that were shown in some leaked scrapped con­cept art from Ant Farm—an agency that has part­nered with Ac­tivi­sion and Des­tiny in the past. It’s noth­ing solid just

“We’ll have the chance to travel fur­ther than ever be­fore with new plan­ets to see”

yet so keep a pinch of salt handy, but Hunters were spot­ted with a spear-like weapon, while de­fen­sive Ti­tans sported a Cap­tain Amer­i­c­as­tyle shield and the War­lock wielded a sword with wings sprouted from its back. Looks like we’ll have more chances for melee beat­downs among all of that ca­bal shoot­ing we’ll be do­ing be­tween mis­sions.

We’ll also be trav­el­ling fur­ther afield than ever be­fore, with ac­cess to new ar­eas and plan­ets to ex­plore. One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, Mer­cury, and Saturn have al­ready been hinted at as ex­plorable places in Gri­moires found in game, so it’s a safe bet that Destiny2 will ac­tu­ally give up the chance to go there as well as to ex­plore other ar­eas on Earth it­self.

Don’t think you can hold all of your ex­cite­ment in un­til Septem­ber? Well you’re in luck, as there will also be a mul­ti­player beta test this sum­mer, most likely just af­ter E3. You can get some hands-on ex­pe­ri­ence and prac­tise in be­fore tak­ing on the Red Le­gion them­selves later this year.

Destiny2 will launch on 8 Septem­ber with a beta test this sum­mer. We’ll have more info in is­sue 153!

above Com­man­der Zavala is a lot more suc­cess­ful at ral­ly­ing his troops than his EXO coun­ter­part.

Bott om right

Des­tiny 2 will have more of a char­ac­ter fo­cus so we’ll learn more about the van­guards.

right This guy is an all new en­emy. Not sure he’ll want to play fetch.

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