Spin­ning off into a new era for its Xbox de­but

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“The em­pire you are fight­ing has a badass demigod on its side”

The lat­est Valkyria game her­alds a big change for the se­ries. For one thing, it’s the first Valkyria ti­tle to make it onto an Xbox plat­form. This is good, be­cause it means we won’t have to head to Sega head­quar­ters with Big Spence to smash the place up in ret­ri­bu­tion for spurn­ing our beloved con­sole. And we were will­ing to.

The changes run far deeper than that, how­ever. Valkyria Revo­lu­tion is be­ing po­si­tioned as a spin-off, rather than a true se­quel, serv­ing as pre­text to take things in a new di­rec­tion. That starts with the set­ting. Where past games have blended the big swords, fop­pish hair, and out­ra­geous cos­tumes man­dated by JRPG law with a World War II-in­spired aes­thetic,

Revo­lu­tion in­stead blends the big swords, fop­pish hair and out­ra­geous cos­tumes with a style based on the Euro­pean In­dus­trial Revo­lu­tion.

In this uni­verse, we take con­trol of Am­leth, a com­mand­ing of­fi­cer in an elite unit fight­ing for a small na­tion’s in­de­pen­dence from colo­nial rule. This con­flict is made slightly un­fair by the fact that the em­pire you’re fight­ing against has a Valkyria—one of those badass demigod things that lends the se­ries its name—on its side, but you’ll just have to deal with that. Earn­ing the name When it comes to com­bat, Revo­lu­tion again makes a sig­nif­i­cant change (have you guessed why they called it Revo­lu­tion yet?). The turn-based bat­tles of old have been re­placed with an ac­tion-based sys­tem that looks like it falls some­where be­tween fi­nal Fan­tasy post XI and the Dy­nasty War­rior se­ries in how it han­dles. It’s not a com­plete de­par­ture from the strate­gic na­ture of pre­vi­ous en­tries, how­ever. The abil­ity to set roles like Of­fense and Sup­port for your party mem­bers, or to use cer­tain spells and de­ter­mine who they tar­get in bat­tle, will hope­fully en­sure the game re­tains a tac­ti­cal el­e­ment.

Per­madeath makes a re­turn (though not for ma­jor char­ac­ters), which could prove to be a great fea­ture. You can imag­ine how see­ing a beloved com­rade—one that you’ve come to love, that’s fought along­side you, whose story you’ve got to know—fall in com­bat be­cause of a mis­take you made could de­liver a real emo­tional gut punch. Of course, whether the game can make us care enough for per­madeath to have that kind of im­pact will de­pend on the qual­ity of its sto­ry­telling and char­ac­ter­i­za­tion.

We’re not yet sure whether the changes Revo­lu­tion are mak­ing will be for the bet­ter. In­deed, we’re con­cerned that in mov­ing away from its strate­gic turn-based sys­tem, Valkyria could lose what makes the se­ries stand out. Given the qual­ity of pre­vi­ous Valkyria games, though, we’re happy to see whether this new di­rec­tion has its mer­its. If not, we’ll be smash­ing up Sega HQ again.

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