What do you make of the new di­rec­tion for COD Zom­bies?

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“Dude, it is gonna be scary. Th­ese are the peo­ple that made the

Dead­S­pace games.” Lukas Wag­ner “I don’t get it. Just make a sur­vival mode with 50 to 100 lev­els (of lev­el­ing up) like in ModernWar­fare3. Make it epic. Black

Ops2 had some ex­cit­ing zom­bies but the mode is dead… no pun in­tended.” Zaid Adams “Hmm, looks creepy. A darker shade of

KillingFloor maybe?” Lawrence Brooks “Oh look, the same thing as the last few games but with bet­ter graph­ics. Is this all they can do?” Paul Eller “Can’t wait to try out the new for­mula. I’m doubt­ful that it will be bet­ter than WorldAt

War’s zom­bie mode but it has to be bet­ter than retro…” @ChiefTom­meh “Fi­nally, like back in the day!” @ogsamppa “That’s what I look like be­fore my morn­ing cof­fee.” @WarBot3000

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