Bounc­ing for­wards

In­die hit Slime Rancher leaves Game Preview for a full re­lease

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Af­ter al­most a year in the Game Preview pro­gram, the bounc­ing blobs have fi­nally been fully un­leashed on Xbox One in a full re­lease. You play as Beatrix LeBeau, who has moved to a new planet to seek her for­tune find­ing and farm­ing slimes with her trusty vac­pack, that lets you suck up ob­jects and spit them back out again.

While in Game Preview the game has re­ceived tons of up­dates, and there are now loads of new ar­eas to ex­plore, and new types of slime to catch and breed. As you feed your slimes new food they’ll pro­duce plorts, aka slime poop, which you then sell for cash to spend on ex­pand­ing your farm­stead with new build­ings, or up­grad­ing your gear. Your happy blorpy cat­tle can be cross­bred to cre­ate new kinds of slimes, gen­er­at­ing even more valu­able poo with which to line your (prob­a­bly smelly) cof­fers.

It’s a bright, happy game with loads of charm, so if you were hold­ing off be­fore for a full re­lease now is the time to dive in.

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