Space Bat­tle sim­u­la­tor— Qw­er­tyuiopThePie

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A gen­uinely orig­i­nal take on an arena bat­tlestyle game. Team up with a small group to take con­trol of one space­ship while you try to de­stroy the other. You’ll si­mul­ta­ne­ously have to pro­tect your ship from in­vaders while tele­port­ing over the other one to undo it from the inside. For ex­am­ple,tele­port aboard and you can switch off the ship’s shields, al­low­ing your ship to fire its phasers—but if the en­emy crew finds and de­stroys your re­ac­tor, you’ll be done for as you’ll slowly run out of oxy­gen. The con­fined spa­ces make for an in­tense bat­tle of wits and skill as you try your best to get the up­per hand.

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