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Dig deep inside your­self, and what do you find? Buried away un­der­neath all of those com­pli­cated hu­man emo­tions and lay­ers of flesh is your very own skele­ton. It’s im­pos­si­ble not to like your own boney build­ing blocks, but there’s some­one who likes them even more than you do—Ne­cro­mancers. If you don’t take good care of your bones, they’re more than happy to take them from you to add to their army in the lat­est up­date for Di­ablo III (p82). Else­where, we’re still not quite over the ex­cite­ment of the

Be­yond Good And Evil 2 an­nounce­ment from E3 ear­lier this year, so we’re tak­ing a de­tailed look back at the orig­i­nal Be­yond Good And Evil (p86) and what made it so spe­cial. If you’re any­thing like us, you’ll still be play­ing Over­watch, prob­a­bly thanks to the re­cent Sum­mer Games add-on, so we’re tak­ing a closer look at those Sea­sonal Events (p90) in this month’s Why I Love. Fi­nally, it’s time to hit the books now that ev­ery­one is head­ing back to school, and we’ve got quite the read­ing list in store for you with

10 lessons we learned the hard way on Xbox (p92). We’ve made a lot of mis­takes in our time so you don’t have to, at least that’s what we tell our­selves to help us stop feel­ing like com­plete id­iots. We hope you ap­pre­ci­ate the pain we went through to bring you a de­cent ed­u­ca­tion. Al­though the less said about the cheese in­ci­dent the bet­ter…

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