Hit­man Sea­son One re­turns with an ex­panded Game Of The Year Edi­tion

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“A sniper out­fit comes with a ri­fle that lets you slow down time to line up the per­fect shot”

Hav­ing parted com­pany with long-time pub­lisher Square Enix, Io In­ter­ac­tive’s fan­pleas­ing cel­e­bra­tion of in­de­pen­dence has been to add a great splodge of ic­ing and a hand­ful of cher­ries to the cake for its episodic mas­ter­piece, Hit­man. Hit­man: Game Of The Year Edi­tion adds a brand new Pa­tient Zero cam­paign in­volv­ing sin­is­ter cultists, shad­owy cor­po­ra­tions, and a tar­get whose elim­i­na­tion trig­gers the re­lease of a deadly virus. Agent 47, be­ing an as­sas­sin who gen­er­ally sides with the good guys, is the key to stop­ping it spread­ing into a global pan­demic. Into the mixer Pa­tient Zero spans four of the ex­ist­ing lev­els—Bangkok, Sapienza, Colorado, and Hokkaido—which have been remixed with new char­ac­ters, new mu­sic, and a dif­fer­ent time of day.

Hit­man’s in­tri­cate lev­els are ideally suited to host­ing ad­di­tional sce­nar­ios in sel­dom-used ar­eas, and pre­vi­ous bonus mis­sions such as Land­slide and The Icon have shown us new an­gles to Io’s multi-lay­ered de­sign. Un­like the first cam­paign, which was drip-fed to us over nine months in 2016, all of Pa­tient Zero is ready to go and avail­able for in­stant binge­ing.

In ad­di­tion, there are three new cos­tumes to wear, each of which comes with a spe­cial weapon and a unique Es­ca­la­tion con­tract. There’s a sniper out­fit that comes with a ri­fle that not only has four lev­els of zoom and a si­lencer, it also lets you slow down time to line up the per­fect shot. The cow­boy suit in­cludes a mag­num pis­tol that can shoot through walls and send mul­ti­ple en­e­mies fly­ing, while Corky the Clown (from Hit­man: Blood Money) has a base­ball bat that makes clown noises ev­ery time you hit some­body with it. Com­plet­ing the con­tracts al­lows you to use all this gear in the rest of the game.

The new cam­paign and out­fits are in­cluded as stan­dard with the full-price GOTY pack­age, but ex­ist­ing

Hit­man play­ers can up­grade for $20, which seems about par for the course when you con­sider how much story mode ex­pan­sions gen­er­ally cost in the games that still have them.

For those who don’t want to pay, but per­haps haven’t played for a while, the base game has re­ceived a con­sid­er­able re­vamp that’s well worth check­ing out. The user in­ter­face has been re­worked, all lo­ca­tions have had a fresh lick of paint, in­clud­ing ad­justed light­ing and new sky­boxes, and the ex­cel­lent Con­tracts mode has been given a few new op­tions to fur­ther re­fine user-cre­ated hits. There’s also 4K sup­port and an en­hanced fram­er­ate for Xbox One X own­ers, which is good news for any­one keen to see what their shiny new con­sole can do.

above Night time brings a new look to the op­u­lent Bangkok ho­tel level. right Not even a haz­mat suit will save this guy. Sorry bud.

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