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01 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Pub­lisher bandai namco

Heart­sOfS­tone and Blood­AndWine have made an al­ready out­stand­ing RPG un­miss­able. One of the most au­then­tic, en­ter­tain­ing game worlds ever. Defin­ing Mo­ment Ger­alt in a bath tub. It changed our lives. 02 Grand Theft Auto V Pub­lisher Rock­star games Bru­tal and beau­ti­ful in equal mea­sures,

GTAV is so rich in size, scope, and spec­ta­cle, it’s hard to be­lieve it was orig­i­nally built for Xbox 360.

Defin­ing Mo­ment Switch­ing to Trevor to find him wak­ing up on the side of a moun­tain wear­ing noth­ing but pants. 03 Dark Souls III Pub­lisher Bandai namco Get over the ini­tial dif­fi­culty hump, and you’re re­warded with a com­bat sys­tem that gives you un­par­al­leled op­por­tu­ni­ties to ex­press your­self.

Defin­ing Mo­ment Beat­ing a boss the size of a fam­ily home us­ing only a rusty sword and your epic skills. 04 Batt lefield 1 Pub­lisher Elec­tronic arts Along­side a sur­pris­ingly af­fect­ing sin­gle-player cam­paign comes one of the most ro­bust and sat­is­fy­ing mul­ti­player of­fer­ings on Xbox One. Brave and un­for­get­table. Defin­ing Mo­ment Tak­ing out en­e­mies from the sad­dle of a horse. 05 over­watch Pub­lisher bliz­zard en­ter­tain­ment Bliz­zard de­cides to have a go at mak­ing a mul­ti­player shooter and some­how ends up cre­at­ing one of the best since TeamFortress2. Just be­gin­ner’s luck? We doubt it. Defin­ing Mo­ment Get­ting sweet re­venge on a camp­ing op­po­nent. 06 Ti­tan­fall 2 Pub­lisher Res­pawn En­ter­tain­ment This se­quel to the ace (but mul­ti­playeronly) game com­pen­sates with ar­guably one of the best solo FPS cam­paigns ever. It’s a wall-run­ning, dou­ble­jump­ing, mech-punch­ing de­light. Defin­ing Mo­ment Killing the en­tire en­emy team with your ro­botic fists. 07 dISHONORED 2 Pub­lisher arkane Stu­dios This su­per­nat­u­ral stealth-’em-up is a su­perb ac­tion game, and a land­mark work of videogame world-build­ing wrapped up in a sump­tu­ous art style.

Defin­ing Mo­menT Ex­plor­ing Kar­naca’s shift­ing clock­work man­sion and find­ing your way be­tween the walls. 08 Gears of War 4 Pub­lisher Mi­crosoft Stu­dios A soft re­boot that re­spects what made

Gears great, then in­tro­duces new threats and sur­prises for the best game since GOW2. An es­sen­tial en­try for Gear-heads and new­com­ers alike. Defin­ing mo­ment Fight­ing Swarm in the storm dur­ing the peaks of Act 4. 09 Cup­head Pub­lisher Stu­dio MDHR A graph­i­cally stun­ning love story to side-scrolling plat­form­ers of old, this boss-fo­cused shooter is a mas­ter­piece of de­sign and dif­fi­culty. You will die.

Defin­ing Mo­ment Fi­nally beat­ing the god­dam boss you’ve been fight­ing for days, and cry­ing tears of un­bri­dled joy. 10 hit­man Pub­lisher IO In­ter­ac­tive IO’s flashy re­boot adds mys­tery and men­ace to Hit­man’s bag of tricks. Each episode takes place in a dif­fer­ent city, and each hit is more chal­leng­ing. Eas­ily the best Hit­man game yet. Defin­ing Mo­ment Get­ting a pan­icked kill and then des­per­ately try­ing to es­cape.

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