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Re­turn­ing to Out­last 2 with re­newed op­ti­mism proves that I’m more than just a mouse

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En­joy­ment for me comes in many forms, and some­times it ar­rives in the form of be­ing in the dark, alone, and ter­ri­fied. So I de­cided it’s fi­nally time for me to try and fin­ish su­per-scary sur­vival hor­ror game Out­last 2, as my ini­tial at­tempt proved a little too much for me. Oddly, I had no trou­ble with the first game. Yes it’s just as grotesque and ter­ri­fy­ing, but there’s just some­thing about re­li­gious cults that I can’t com­pre­hend, and there­fore this se­quel scares the liv­ing hell out of me.

I’d al­ready gone through most of the game, but all the run­ning away from the crazy lo­cals took its toll— once I found my­self in a seem­ingly aban­doned mine I stopped play­ing. Now re­turn­ing, I feel fear­less, and I’m filled with raw de­ter­mi­na­tion. I take my first brave steps, and true to form I im­me­di­ately fall off a ledge and get cap­tured by two feral mud peo­ple. While they refuse to let me go I’m greeted by their leader: a scary, naked, lanky, lady by the name of Val. I can’t hear what she’s say­ing to me be­cause my raw de­ter­mi­na­tion and fear­less­ness have been re­placed with cow­ardice and the sud­den on­set of ter­ror.

A tremor shakes the mine, and a cou­ple of boulders con­ve­niently crush the two sickly syco­phants, leav­ing me alone with tac­tile Val, who’s taken a par­tic­u­lar lik­ing to me. With­out think­ing, I take out my cam­era, switch on the night vi­sion, and make a run for it. Panic sets in as I meet a dead end with Val clos­ing in on me, but I’m saved by the tremors once more—a cave-in blocks her path to me. Ap­par­ently safe for now, I squeeze past the rub­ble in my path.

“In panic I dive un­der the wa­ter but it’s too late – she’s seen me, and I get a bit of a slap­ping”

Slen­der Val

The sec­tion I’m now in has been flooded, and I’m forced to wade through the wa­ter to find the exit, which of course I dis­cover is blocked by live elec­tri­cal wires. Time to find the off switch. I be­gin my search, but as I turn a cor­ner, sur­prise sur­prise, Val is stood right in front of me. In panic I dive un­der the wa­ter, but it’s too late—she’s seen me. I take a mi­nor beat­ing, but man­age to get away. She’s hot on my heels. Leap­ing from the wa­ter, I run into an empty room and lock the door be­hind me. Fran­ti­cally search­ing around I spot a locker across the room and jump in­side. All seems quiet as I catch my breath, but Val starts bang­ing on the door and barges through, search­ing for me. Okay, it’s now or never. I bolt from the locker, out of the room, and back into the wa­ter. In­cred­i­bly I don’t think Val no­ticed, but I’m not go­ing to hang around to find out. Not far from where I stand I no­tice the switch I’ve been look­ing for. I flip it and make my es­cape from this wa­tery hell-scape. But things are never that easy and the wires are still spark­ing. There’s an­other switch to find. Val isn’t stupid. It won’t be long un­til she re­al­izes I’m not ac­tu­ally in that small room any more, so I work fast. As soon as I flip the sec­ond switch, though, guess who ap­pears? It’s my good friend Val, of course, and she wants to know where I went. I ad­mit, I let out a whim­per. Wip­ing the sweat from my brow, I run for the exit. I can al­most feel Val’s gan­gly arms claw­ing at my back as I crawl un­der the wires, make it to the other side, take a deep breath, and promptly switch off the con­sole. What? Don’t judge me. I did only say I’d try. I’ve proved I’m more than just a mouse; I moved up on the food chain to scaredy cat.

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