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They make the games we love, but what do they play for fun? We ask devel­op­ers to pick their faves from Xbox his­tory. This month: Scott Ben­son

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Al­right lis­ten I’m gonna list some other games, but I mostly just want to talk about Viva Piñata [1].

Viva Pi­nata was pure and good. I loved my little Piñata farm, I loved the mice that were prone to de­pres­sion, I loved the happy bear guys, I loved the ro­mance dances, I loved the green­est grass in any game ever. It was just plain good. We need more Viva Piñata. Af­ter that, Crack­down [2], Just

Cause 2, and Red Fac­tion Guerilla are my three fa­vorite games from that pe­riod when ev­ery­one was mak­ing open-world ac­tion games. They each had some central me­chanic that set them apart.

Crack­down had this orb-hunt­ing as­pect that grad­u­ally turned you into a build­ing-hop­ping agent of a ter­ri­fy­ingly over­reach­ing po­lice force. Just

Cause 2’s [3] para­chute/grap­pling hook combo let you desta­bi­lize the heck out of a fic­tional is­land na­tion. And fi­nally, Red Fac­tion Guerilla’s [4] central ham­mer weapon was made of the hard­est stuff in the known uni­verse, and sin­gle-hand­edly en­abled an in­sur­gent ter­ror­ist cam­paign against an in­ter­plan­e­tary mil­i­tary-in­dus­trial com­plex. That ham­mer did a LOT of work. Af­ter the events of the game, I hope the ham­mer got its own his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ment. Xbox 360 was also where I played

Tri­als: Evo­lu­tion [5] for the first time, and by “first time” I mean I played it for a good month un­til I’d per­fected most of the levels. I still get the urge to play that one. Any­way, my point is that Viva Piñata was re­ally good. Make more Viva Piñata please.

Scott Ben­son Co-cre­ator, Night In The Woods

As well as beaver­ing away on the won­der­ful world of Pos­sum Springs, Scott is an an­i­ma­tor and il­lus­tra­tor. He also worked on

Long­est Night and Lost Con­stel­la­tion.

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