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Destiny 2’ s growth has been awk­ward and uneasy, so can it out­grow its roots and get bet­ter?

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Re­mem­ber Destiny ‘One’? Re­mem­ber how— when it first launched—it was di­vi­sive, but agree­ably A Good Game™? Then, as the years went by, and Bungie felt the ground be­neath it firm up slightly more, it made braver strides into this un­known land of shared world, loot-based shoot­ers? Well, Destiny 2’ s first sor­tie into the world hasn’t gone quite so smoothly, it’s safe to say, and it looks like Bungie is re­tread­ing old ground.

Peo­ple aren’t happy with the state of Destiny 2. It’s now seen its first big DLC drop, and while the ex­tra con­tent Bungie has added to the game was fairly well-re­ceived, com­mu­nity feed­back has been less than kind. Peo­ple are bored. Peo­ple don’t feel re­warded for their ef­forts.

Jus­tice is served

Luck­ily Bungie has out­lined re­worked Raid re­wards. That means that the hard­est of the hard endgame ac­tiv­i­ties will ac­tu­ally re­ward play­ers prop­erly, giv­ing them pow­er­ful (and im­pres­sively rare) gear. Strike Scor­ing—an ar­cade-in­spired sys­tem from the end of Destiny’s life­span— will be mak­ing a re­turn to the game shortly af­ter­wards, re­plac­ing the of­ten ma­ligned Night­fall time limit. New em­blems will let you show off your pres­tige here, too.

Mods are also be­ing re­worked: Re­dun­dant and repli­cated mod­i­fiers will be re­moved, mods with more unique themes will be added, and the im­pact of these in­cre­men­tal changes will be re­flected in play­ers’ power. More im­por­tantly, it looks like mods will be taken out of Bright En­grams— some­thing Bungie needs to do des­per­ately to avoid al­le­ga­tions that the game is be­com­ing Pay-to-Win.

In the longer term, Bungie plans to move the cos­metic items away from the in­fa­mous paid-for Ever­verse store and back into the main game­play loop. This is im­por­tant: It might only be a small el­e­ment of the game, but ‘fash­ion Destiny’ is im­por­tant to a lot of peo­ple, and hav­ing your ideal ar­mor set locked be­hind a pay­wall and a loot sys­tem had a lot of vet­eran play­ers very frus­trated.

“Peo­ple are bored. Peo­ple don’t feel re­warded for their ef­forts”

Fur­ther­more, Bungie is chang­ing how play­ers earn XP, a mea­sure that should hope­fully let both play­ers that play a little, and a lot, ex­pe­ri­ence the same re­wards when they level up.

Fi­nally, a new chap­ter of DLC is sched­uled to drop ‘soon’. That could still mean a long sum­mer for Destiny 2 fans—and if Bungie wants to avoid the lengthy ‘con­tent drought’ its pre­quel had, the developer bet­ter have plenty more sur­prises up its sleeve.

The Destiny com­mu­nity is a hard bunch to keep happy: No one re­ally knows what the iden­tity of Destiny 2 is, as a game—and ap­par­ently even Bungie is strug­gling to put the right mask on its game. Let’s just hope these new changes point to an Ex­otic face on this chang­ing beast go­ing for­ward, rather than a fea­ture­less com­mon one…

above Will the new en­emy archetypes add some va­ri­ety to the PvE sand­box?

right New sin­gle player con­tent may add a new char­ac­ter—an area Bungie has been ex­celling at re­cently.

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