21 Fight the Viet Cong

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If you thought the fact that Far Cry 5 was set in Amer­ica was prov­ing to be a controversial topic among cer­tain fans, just wait un­til you take a jour­ney into Viet­nam to take on the Viet Cong in this DLC. While most Far Cry DLC tends to be a lit­tle more bizarre in tone (we’re think­ing about the Yeti Hunt in Far Cry 4 and the crazy, retro Far Cry 3 spin-off Blood Dragon), this one sounds a lit­tle more con­tentious for be­ing far closer to home. The Viet­nam con­flict was a dif­fi­cult one for the US—partly be­cause so many Amer­i­can sol­diers died, and partly be­cause the war went on for far longer than some Amer­i­cans wanted. We’re not ex­pect­ing this to be a gritty and se­ri­ous take on the Viet­nam war, of course—we’re more likely go­ing to get an ‘80s ac­tion movie-style mis­sion set fea­tur­ing out­ra­geous char­ac­ters—but it’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see what kind of back­lash Ubisoft will get for cov­er­ing another controversial topic.

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