Si­lent Hill 2

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The mu­sic by Akira Ya­maoka has ac­com­pa­nied al­most ev­ery game in the Si­lent Hill fran­chise and is as iconic as they come, in­fus­ing rock in­flu­ences and in­dus­trial sounds into a score full of mys­tery and in­trigue. The tracks them­selves are of­ten jux­ta­posed with one another, be­tween catchy rock tracks like ‘Theme Of Laura’ and eerie am­bi­ent sound­scapes such as ‘A World Of Mad­ness’. At the time there was noth­ing quite like it and it still stands out to­day: Walk­ing through the cor­ri­dors of Si­lent Hill just wouldn’t be the same with­out Ya­maoka’s mu­sic. The only down­side is that if you listen to it with head­phones you won’t hear Pyra­mid Head com­ing up from be­hind you.

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