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We de­bate our ul­ti­mate roster of spar­ring pals on Xbox One

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Through­out the his­tory of fight­ing games, we’ve seen guest char­ac­ters turn up to gate­crash other uni­verses for the sole purpose of kick­ing ass. With the an­nounce­ment of Teenage Mu­tant Ninja Tur­tles ar­riv­ing in In­jus­tice 2, our minds started to run wild with the idea of a cross­over fight­ing game on Xbox that would in­clude not only the best char­ac­ters in Xbox’s his­tory, but char­ac­ters from fur­ther afield too. We sat down to dis­cuss our choices.

Stephen: I guess I should just start with Master Chief then, that’s the ob­vi­ous choice. Has he ever been in a fight­ing game?

Adam: Well, Master Chief hasn’t been in a fight­ing game, but there was a Spar­tan in Dead Or Alive 4, I be­lieve. I al­ways re­mem­ber be­ing an­noyed be­cause I felt it was mess­ing around too much with the canon. Clearly I wasn’t a big fan of fun at the time.

Rus­sell: I can just see him blast­ing into peo­ple with his as­sault ri­fle and then fin­ish­ing them off by plow­ing an En­ergy Sword into their chest.

Daniella: I don’t know. Wouldn’t he have too much power, what with us­ing his guns from a dis­tance and a melee weapon? He’d be dom­i­nat­ing.

Adam: That’s what we want though isn’t it? Be­sides, Dante from Devil May Cry turned up with his pis­tols and sword in Marvel Vs Cap­com 3, so I think it would work.

Stephen: Hey, if In­jus­tice can have Su­per­man, who is ba­si­cally in­vin­ci­ble, I think the Chief is fair game.

Rus­sell: You could even have him fac­ing off against Mar­cus Fenix in a testos­terone-fu­elled brawl.

Daniella: Yeah, I sup­pose sparks fly­ing ev­ery­where as a Lancer’s chain­saw comes grind­ing down on an En­ergy Sword would be pretty en­ter­tain­ing.

Adam: For my game I would choose Com­man­der Shep­ard. If she can take on a whole le­gion of ram­pag­ing sen­tient ma­chines and save the gal­axy, she can take on any­one.

Stephen: How about Lara Croft? Although she would be un­der­pow­ered if any­thing, right? “No­body wants Biker Mice From Mars in a fight­ing game”

Rus­sell: No, I don’t think so, she’s got the ac­ro­bat­ics. She’ll be all about the kicks, Cammy [ Street Fighter] style. She’s also got a pick­axe to do some se­ri­ous dam­age with.

Daniella: I’ll throw in a curve­ball and say Click­y­claws from Ooblets. He’s a tiny yel­low cat thing with at­ti­tude. He could out-sass any­one. He’d screw his face up, stomp his lit­tle feet, and shake his fist at them in frus­tra­tion.

Stephen: Go­ing way back, I would love to see Earth­worm Jim. He’d be an

amaz­ing char­ac­ter to have, us­ing his body as a whip and a plasma gun. He could even have his com­pan­ion, Peter Puppy, go berserk on ev­ery­thing.

Adam: We could go mad and choose dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters from car­toons, like Biker Mice From Mars.

Rus­sell: No­body wants the Biker Mice From Mars in a fight­ing game.

Daniella: You’d have to take them off their bikes, and then un­less you set the level on Mars, they’re just mice. You ba­si­cally want mice in a fight­ing game.

Adam: Yeah, I clearly didn’t think that through. How about Street Sharks then. Any­one re­mem­ber them?

Daniella: No, but I do re­mem­ber Thun­der­cats. I’d like to see them fight­ing the TMNT guys from In­jus­tice 2. In fact you could prob­a­bly just have a whole Thun­der­cats fight­ing game us­ing just those char­ac­ters.

Stephen: What would all their ul­ti­mate pow­ers be? I guess Master Chief could call in a Warthog and mow ev­ery­one down or send in a cou­ple of sui­ci­dal Grunts ex­plod­ing into the en­emy.

Adam: Lara could use relics with su­per­nat­u­ral pow­ers that could send in spir­its of Egyp­tian pharaohs.

Rus­sell: How about a ran­dom pi­rate from Sea Of Thieves? Jump­ing on screen play­ing a hurdy-gurdy, with ev­ery­one hold­ing their ears in pain.

Daniella: One of the Mon­ster Hunter Pal­i­coes would be great to see. Their ul­ti­mate power could be that you wouldn’t want to hurt it, be­cause it’s so cute, and you’d just end up win­ning by de­fault. It could even heal it­self by cook­ing a big meal.

Adam: What would we even call an Xbox cross­over fight­ing game?

Rus­sell: Xbox Cross­over Fight­ing Game: The Video Game?

Daniella: How about Xbox­ers?

Stephen: If Mi­crosoft are lis­ten­ing, we want 25 per cent of the prof­its.

Left The real ques­tion is who would be beefier: Mar­cus Fenix or Master Chief?

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