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That Gears Of War 5 would be an­nounced at E3 was never in doubt, the ti­tle hav­ing pre­vi­ously been leaked as a pre-or­der with Wal­mart Canada, but for a moment watch­ing Mi­crosoft’s E3 con­fer­ence, we won­dered. Cheek­ily an­nounc­ing “the lat­est Gears Of War” with a trailer for Gears Pop!, our hearts sank un­til we re­al­ized that Gears Pop! is also a thing, and yes, we’re get­ting Gears 5—and what’s more it looks awe­some.

So what do we know? Gears Of War 5 will fea­ture a fe­male lead for the first time in the form of Kait Diaz, who ap­peared in Gears 4. If you’ve played to the end of that game, you’ll have un­cov­ered a plot bombshell con­cern­ing Kait’s fam­ily.

A hugely cin­e­matic an­nounce­ment trailer show­cased at E3 be­gins with Kait mourn­ing the loss of a loved one… and her re­veal­ing to the team that she is be­ing trou­bled by dreams of the Lo­cust. Telling Cap­tain JD just where he can stick his COGs, Kait deserts the Gears squad to go find out the truth. Ac­com­pa­nied by series stal­warts Mar­cus and Del, she sets off north to snowier climbs to un­cover the truth be­hind her fam­ily’s dark con­nec­tion to the Lo­cust. In fact, she has a Lo­cust sym­bol medal­lion that was granny’s—some­thing that would, un­der­stand­ably, make the rest of the squad a lit­tle un­easy.

Cue a jour­ney through beau­ti­ful frozen forests, skim­ming over a glacier, sail­ing over deserts, and even a spot of tomb raid­ing, in search of those dark se­crets that will hope­fully end Kait’s night­mares and give her some clo­sure. Of course, there’s still huge mu­tants and slimy things in­te­grat­ing with tech­nol­ogy to face off against, in what looks like the kind of epic cover-based third-per­son bat­tles with the Lo­cust hordes that we’d hope for.

Mi­crosoft took pos­ses­sion of the fran­chise from Epic, form­ing a new stu­dio The Coalition headed up by series co-cre­ator Rod Fer­gus­son, back in 2014 and—sim­i­larly to the way the com­pany’s ac­qui­si­tion of the Halo fran­chise led to a rein­vig­o­ra­tion of that series—are push­ing Gears Of War as a ma­jor Xbox and Win­dows-ex­clu­sive prop­erty. Hence the afore­men­tioned Gears Pop! on iPhone and An­droid (see right) and a third Gears ti­tle, called Gears Tac­tics, for PC.

But back to the con­sole. Gears Of War 4

was set 25 years af­ter the events of Gears 3. If you re­call, hav­ing used the Imul­sion Coun­ter­mea­sure weapon to wipe out the Lo­cust and the Lam­bent from the planet Sera, hu­man­ity walled off its cities against the re­sul­tant ‘wind­flares’, es­tab­lish­ing mar­tial law and so alien­at­ing a non-con­form­ist group of ‘Out­siders’—to which Kait and her fam­ily be­longed.

This lat­est in­stal­ment prom­ises the big­gest, most beau­ti­ful Gears world yet, as Kait and her squad bat­tle to save the crum­bling rem­nants of hu­man­ity from the Lo­cust. And from what we’ve seen, this could well be the most stun­ning-look­ing game on Xbox yet, with cin­e­matic visuals and deeply im­mer­sive com­bat all de­liv­ered with full 4k Ul­tra HD res­o­lu­tion and 60fps HDR. You will be able to play solo or with a friend in split-screen lo­cal co-op or on­line co-op, with Win­dows 10 cross-play en­sur­ing you’ll al­ways find some­one to buddy up with.

The slightly sad news is we’ll have to wait un­til 2019 for the game, although the better news is it will be avail­able with Game Pass on the very same day as its global re­lease.

ABOVE Gears 5 hero Kait jour­neys north to Sera’s frozen wastes to find out the truth about her past.

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