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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of last gen­er­a­tion’s great un­sung he­roes. It was Souls-like be­fore be­ing Souls-like was cool. It was an ex­pan­sion to an al­ready un­ortho­dox west­ern-JRPG hy­brid that still man­aged to sur­prise at ev­ery turn. And its direc­tor, Hideaki It­suno, is helm­ing Devil May Cry 5,a “true se­quel” to num­ber four—good news.

Ash-blond dye ex­pert Nero re­turns from his turn in DMC4 as one of three playable char­ac­ters, along with an older Dante, and one other to be con­firmed. New char­ac­ter Nico is cer­tainly at the fore­front too, us­ing her craft­ing know-how to help Nero in his new­found role as a de­mon hunter, so don’t dis­count her as a playable char­ac­ter at some point. Oh, and Nero’s got a weaponized me­chan­i­cal hand now. Keep up.

Devil May Cry 5 prom­ises a re­newed fo­cus on that peer­less combo-driven com­bat along­side more so­phis­ti­cated mo­tion cap­tured act­ing per­for­mances. We’re fairly con­fi­dent in say­ing the story will still be ab­so­lute non­sense, but the ex­changes be­tween Nero and Nico that Capcom showed off in the trailer demon­strate that it’ll at least be con­vinc­ing non­sense.

The ba­sic premise is that Red Grave City has been over­run with de­mons. Capcom’s call­ing this an ex­ten­sion of the Sons of Sparda sto­ry­line which kicked off back in DMC3 when the Dark Knight Sparda fell in love with a hu­man lady and sired two half-de­mon sons, the twins Vergil and Dante. What­ever de­mon-fight­ing strife and in­ter­nal con­flict their daddy’s in­dis­cre­tion may have caused them, they can’t knock his ge­net­ics while rock­ing cheek­bones and hair­lines like that.

Nero’s Red Queen sword and Blue Rose re­volver will be his first line of of­fence against the de­mon horde, along­side that handy me­chan­i­cal hand, and the in­ter­play be­tween those three at­tack ap­proaches will surely form the ba­sis of all the com­bo­ing. What can his imag­i­na­tion do for a series famed for its slick and re­spon­sive scraps? Will Nero be clam­ber­ing up giant griffins and dis­mem­ber­ing them man­u­ally next spring? We can only cling to that bizarrely spe­cific hope.

BOT­TOM Nero, be­ing care­ful not to get de­mon blood on that ex­pen­sive jacket.

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