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T he funny thing about zom­bie fic­tion is that it’s never re­ally about the zom­bies. It’s about the peo­ple among the zom­bies, and the de­ci­sions they make in or­der to sur­vive. We’ve come a long way from mow­ing the un­dead down while wear­ing a Lego head in Dead Ris­ing, and Dy­ing Light 2 is a fine ex­am­ple of the genre’s re­cent ma­tur­ing.

The ubiq­ui­tous Chris Avel­lone is signed up for nar­ra­tive de­sign duty, and re­ally that tells you a lot about how dif­fer­ent this se­quel is to Techland’s 2015 game. Avel­lone’s famous for im­bu­ing stories with con­se­quence and plac­ing weighty de­ci­sions in play­ers’ hands. So it goes here: Will you ‘over­throw’ a group of thugs con­trol­ling the city’s water sup­ply and leave it back in charge of the Peace Keep­ers? Or will you side with those thugs for a slice of their pre­cious tak­ings? The city, and your ex­pe­ri­ence within it, will change pro­foundly, what­ever you choose.

Stay­ing with that ex­am­ple, let’s say you kill the black­hearts con­trol­ling the water sup­ply. The gen­eral pub­lic get ac­cess to water at street level, and you see signs of pros­per­ity and re­growth all around the place—not to men­tion nu­mer­ous spots to re­plen­ish your health around the world map. But with the water un­der the PK’s con­trol, they gain more power. They’re quite hard­line against any­one who dis­agrees with them. You watch dis­si­dents be­ing beaten in the street, know­ing it’s down to your de­ci­sion.

What if you side with the thugs? Well, you get rich. You have more re­sources with which to up­grade your­self. But for the peo­ple be­low, things aren’t good. Your deal with the crims has at­tracted the slim­i­est, most amoral folks in the land to the city, and they’re mak­ing a hell of a mess.

With moral quan­daries like this to wres­tle, it’s easy to for­get about all the un­dead. Like we said: Zom­bie games aren’t re­ally about zom­bies, but Dy­ing Light 2 doesn’t turn its back on the heart-pump­ing melee fights on which the orig­i­nal was founded. Dy­ing Light 2 is one of E3 2018’s best curve­balls, and we can’t wait to see how else your ac­tions man­i­fest in its world.

be­low like Ge­orge Romero’s films, this zom­bie fic­tion is not just about the zom­bies.

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