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The Se­cond World War has al­ways pro­vided a rich vein of war-story ad­ven­ture in videogames, and for Bat­tle­field V, EA is re­turn­ing to good ol’ dou­ble-ya dou­ble-ya two.

The big­gest fo­cus of Bat­tle­field V’s E3 re­veal was, as we’d ex­pect, about the series’ al­ways im­pres­sive mul­ti­player— and from what we’ve seen, it’s hugely am­bi­tious. The lat­est trailer re­veals a huge ground and aerial bat­tle, show­cas­ing more re­al­is­tic than ever de­struc­tion physics, in­tu­itive move­ment of troops on the ground and base-build­ing. For­ti­fi­ca­tion will be a key part of the Bat­tle­field ex­pe­ri­ence this time—each player will be equipped with a build­ing tool, to throw up mil­i­tary as­sets such as bar­ri­cades, tank stop­pers, sand­bags, etc to give some cover. Re­sup­ply sta­tions can also be built through the for­ti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem, lend­ing the game a greater tac­ti­cal el­e­ment.

To put more em­pha­sis on squad play, squad re­wards will be given out to those that play well as a team—perks such as V1 rock­ets, and ar­mored ve­hi­cles that your en­tire team can get into and cause havoc. Ammo scarcity will be a fac­tor, with re­duced loads upon spawn­ing, so that get­ting ammo be­comes, in the words of de­vel­op­ers DICE, a “metagame where you’re mind­ful of re­sources”. Play­ers drop ammo on death, and their bod­ies are lootable—if you dare break cover to make a grab for those pre­cious shells. And this is typ­i­cal of the game’s strive for more bat­tle re­al­ism.

Ev­ery­thing you do within the game will be “real-world phys­i­cal”, ad­her­ing to a re­al­ism that de­vel­oper DICE is hop­ing will en­hance the Bat­tle­field ex­pe­ri­ence even fur­ther. While medics will patch you up fully, you can grab your own meds and phys­i­cally ap­ply them for a smaller per­cent­age of health restora­tion. This greater re­al­ism goes for weapons too—guns will be “read­able and pre­dictable”, once you get used to the kick of a gun, you know you’ll be on tar­get when you need to be.

Im­mer­sive ex­pe­ri­ence is key, and now soldiers will re­act more nat­u­rally to their en­vi­ron­ments—how they run through water, skip over rocks, or slide in mud, with dy­namic en­vi­ron­ments af­fect­ing how the bat­tles play out. Want to sneak around in the un­der­growth? Be­ware, the grass moves and bends with the pres­ence of soldiers,

mak­ing you eas­ier to spot. need to throw your­self into a prone po­si­tion? You can now do it for­wards, side­ways, and back­wards, and turn whilst prone. De­struc­tion physics look par­tic­u­larly im­pres­sive and dy­namic—wood de­structs dif­fer­ently from bricks, split­ing away as bricks crum­ble with the blast from a tank’s tur­ret.

We were also given a glimpse into one of Bat­tle­field V’s most im­pres­sive modes - yes, it’s a bat­tle royale mode, but it looks to be world-beat­ing. grand oper­a­tions is a cam­paign split over four fic­tional days, over which you can play up to four unique and dis­tinct game modes with cus­tom rules and map lay­outs. Re­sources from the end of one day will roll over into the next, de­pend­ing on how suc­cess­ful that day has been. If your ob­jec­tive was to de­stroy AA guns to al­low your troops to land on a beach, the suc­cess of that will im­pact how many troops you have avail­able to sup­port you on day two. While a de­ci­sive vic­tory may be pos­si­ble on day three, day four will be a fi­nal stand, bru­tal sud­den-death sit­u­a­tion with no respawns. Best Bat­tle­field yet? We’re ex­cited!

ABOVE Tak­ing the ac­tion to the skies, you can also enter into dog­fights in Spit­fires and other WW2 planes.

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