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Tt hasn’t just de­clined in gam­ing, skate­board­ing has re­ceded back to the fringe of cul­tural rel­e­vance too. Now it’s what lads in Thrasher hood­ies watch on their phones while they wait for their food to ar­rive in Nando’s. But there’s hope: a Cana­dian indie stu­dio breathes life back into the vir­tual deck.

Tak­ing its in­spi­ra­tion di­rectly from the ‘90s hey­day and the VHS cas­settes whose cir­cu­la­tion turned it into such a cul­tural phe­nom­e­non, Ses­sion is bring­ing fakie salad grinds and the like back into the gam­ing lex­i­con.

it’s not go­ing big and brash like the Tony Hawk games from that era, though: The skat­ing it­self is more con­sid­ered and re­al­is­tic. For those whose thumbs sim­ply won’t do as they’re told, there is a sim­pli­fied mode, but don’t ex­pect to be pulling off hand­stand man­u­als around a bull­ring or crash­ing into Of­fi­cer Dick even then. This is se­ri­ous skat­ing rather than slap­stick, and we’re ready to turn our snap­backs to the ap­pro­pri­ate an­gle for it.

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